Dear just about every single webmail and desktop mail software:

I know that information in To/CC/BCC headers of an e-mail have little bearing on where the message will end up, but could you _please_ display the _actual_ address that was used for delivery somewhere in the UI, like next to the "To:" field? You know that piece of information, so why hide it?

I hate that almost every time I get an unsolicited e-mail I have to dig into headers to determine which of my e-mail aliases is being spammed.

@temporal I'm sure all of them would tell you "patches welcome"

@sir Yeah well, if you run a webmail server I'd happily pay for it and even send the patch myself. Somehow I can't see Google or Fastmail accepting these.

(Speaking of you and money, I was meaning to start moving code sourcehut, I might as well get to it now.)

@sir Thanks, will check it out. Interesting pricing strategy: not for storage, but limiting outgoing e-mails.

@temporal >Google
When I look at something in gmail from a browser it says "to me" and then I click a little arrow next to it that shows more details, and there I see a to: section with the name/email they used to send me the email. In aerc it's displayed without me digging anywhere. I have not used fastmail or many other email programs to know if they're worse.

@brad Except when it doesn't. To demonstrate a problem: send a mail to yourself by putting your GMail address in BCC. You'll not see it in more details. You'll have to dig into the headers to see what the actual destination e-mail was. It's the same problem Fastmail has.

I don't see why Delivered-To: shouldn't be shown, especially if it's different than To:.

@temporal I sent myself an email with to: blank and filling out bcc only and then the more details screen shows the same, to: is blank and bcc: shows what I addressed it to. I guess I don't understand what problem you're having. I see the same on the aerc side with a blank to: field and the bcc: thing showing what I'd expect.

@brad I'm talking strictly about the receiving side.

I sent an e-mail from my Fastmail address to itself (in To:), and BCC-ed it to GMail address (with +alias). In GMail interface, I see an e-mail addressed to my Fastmail address (as per To:), I do *not* have a BCC field available, and to learn what was the exact delivery address (i.e. which +alias I used), I have to go to the raw view and inspect the headers.

@temporal I believe I'm also talking about the receiving side, I checked my inbox for everything I said so far. I have not yet involved a second email account or used both the to and bcc fields.
*tries things for a few minutes*
Sending to myself in gmail never hid or lost the info, but the test you describe where I email myself from a non-gmail account and then bcc the gmail address does seem to have the problem you describe, I no longer see the bcc field in the gmail webmail client. Looks the same on the aerc side. I tried with and without a gmail alias.
Any chance it's deliberate because of the blind nature of bcc?
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