Here's how will take over the world, slowly and inconspicuously:

Various white collar employees and politicians not understanding their domains of work, using software that helpfully suggests insights to be drawn and courses of actions to be taken. It's easy to look at what the software suggests you to look at, and if you don't understand the domain, you can't tell what the software isn't noticing.

I realized this playing with the recent version of MS .


So has now this "Ideas" feature. You point it at a table (e.g. your sales data), and it helpfully suggests you things to look at: like, "oh look at weekly averaged sales/category pivot chart". Or, "sales correlate well with ranking, with 1 outlier [click to insert chart]". Etc.

On the one hand, it's great feature. On the other hand, it'll make people stop thinking on their own; they'll just look at what the software tells them to, because clearly it would notice if something else was important.


Thou shalt not make a machine to replace the human mind.

I swear, Dune was before it's time in a whole bunch of respects.

Agree! Critical thinking is necessary.
I have the same fears as you do! I did a small rant a few days back on how we are all affected by the algorithms and are mindlessly sucked to its control.

@mathew OMG. Also, this feature is kind of "Ideas lite" - you can point at a table and ask Excel to extrapolate, i.e. fit one of predefined models. Useful if you know what you're doing. Dangerous if you don't understand the math behind it.

@temporal on the other hand, it will increase value of people able to think critically even more. Because they will be not need to do dumb work that can be automated this way 😁

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