- "Mom, buy me this! Mooom, will you buy me this?"

A kid with eyes glued to a smartphone exclaimed, as their cartoon on (probably) got interrupted by an .

I sit opposite of them in a queue to a doctor's office, and I keep thinking: this is why my kid isn't going to watch toons from streaming services (only youtube-dl'ed things streamed over LAN, if even that).

Also: this is reason #14526 why I *fucking hate ads*, and believe industry needs to be burned down to the ground.

@temporal First lawyers, then insurance, and now ads. I can't wait to see what other marvelous industries our civilization is going to create.

@deshipu despite what the US managed to achieve in this regard, I don't believe lawyers and insurance companies have gone anywhere as far off the rails as the pathology the advertising industry is. Same for bankers, really. Advertising industry is pretty unique in the way it's carpet-bombing the entire population with psychological and economical abuse, no longer even holding pretense of the original socially useful function of informing people about what's on the market.

@temporal Maybe you just don't have as much contact with the other pathologies, because we had some time to get used to them and grow some thick skin and learn to avoid them. But just consider cryptocurrencies for a moment. Or remember the heyday of the industrial revolution, and the children pushing the carts in the mines. Online advertising has its wild-west gold rush period now, and there are no effective regulations yet to tame it. Fortunately, most in that gold rush, while cruel, are also stupid.

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