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Software "engineer" by trade and study. enthusiast, loves . Also looking to pivot away from pure software, and into , or . Or in any other way contribute something meaningful back to this world. is my OS. I may have made a for it once.

has deployed its deorbit sail some time ago, and is steadily losing altitude. Here's a tracking page, for those who like space charts:

Finally finished taking notes from reading "Lean Startup". It took pretty much as long as reading the book itself, and the notes have 1118 lines, 8561 words, and 58335 characters. But I do feel I've learned something, and I have a handy reference now.

Adventures in : I just coded up a function that sends data to Emacs to be immediately rendered as ASCII histogram in the editor. I love how easy it was.

Now if only I could fix that stack overflow on Emacs side that happens when sending > ~550 data points...

just got even more lovely with . Now I don't need to open GitHub/GitLab anymore, I can manage things from .

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Startup idea: a service where you specify all other services/SaaS your company uses, in order to get notified if any of them is about to get shut down (or likely to be shut down, due to planned acquihires, or other publicly available signals).

Weird Linux issues #4213: whenever I stop moving my mouse, the first click always also moves the cursor a few pixels in the direction the mouse was moving before clicking.

No, it's not my hand. It looks like some unflushed buffer somewhere.

Beyond being extremely annoying whenever I have to click on buttons, it essentially makes SolveSpace unusable on my desktop.

Here's an idea for a YouTube/Twitch channel: reviewing SaaS webapps.

Each episode would review one or more web SaaS purporting to solve a specific problem, and compare them against one paid and one FOSS desktop program. The comparison would be done in terms of features, performance, size, UX and accessibility.

(To add insult to injury, the comparison could be done against desktop apps that are more than 5 years old.)

Seriously, this is ridiculous. Either my air humidifier emits particulates instead of water vapor, or the sensor is broken.

After wasting nearly an hour to extract few documents from my bank's interface, I really wish there was a tax for using Angular & React.

God, I hate SPAs.

Life *is* an RPG, complete with quests - called "obligations" when undertaken. But in life, those quests come to you unsolicited, have to be done in parallel, and have very crappy rewards (though they sometimes compound).

I guess this is how it looks when you optimize the quest system towards maximum efficiency.

One day someone will invent self-cleaning windows or floors and become a gazillionaire.

The time and effort almost everyone needs to spend on cleaning stuff is just sad. It's high time to solve it. I'm not even talking spills, just the dust and dirt, mineral leftovers from drying moisture and insect poop. Seriously, the longer I live, the more I understand why rich people hire cleaning stuff.

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I regret that I did not *immediately* watch this video of the Progress rocket launch as seen from the ISS. If you have made the same mistake, watch now. It's glorious.

Random thought: if you keep hearing "dog whistles" everywhere, maybe you're just a dog with tinnitus?

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thinking about how the Starbucks mermaid is slowly, but surely, getting closer, and we cannot stop her

A couple lines of and my can now do clipboard->clipboard translations with a single keypress.

Wrote that because I have to deal with a lot of German text, and copy-pasting to/from Google Translate is annoying.

God, why are fonts such a mess on ? I have installed a font via 's "Font" tool. Emacs can find it. But my Window Manager can't. Neither can fc-cache.

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