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Software "engineer" by trade and study. enthusiast, loves . Also looking to pivot away from pure software, and into , or . Or in any other way contribute something meaningful back to this world. is my OS. I may have made a for it once.

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thinking about how the Starbucks mermaid is slowly, but surely, getting closer, and we cannot stop her

A couple lines of and my can now do clipboard->clipboard translations with a single keypress.

Wrote that because I have to deal with a lot of German text, and copy-pasting to/from Google Translate is annoying.

God, why are fonts such a mess on ? I have installed a font via 's "Font" tool. Emacs can find it. But my Window Manager can't. Neither can fc-cache.

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Présentation du nouveau projet aux clients,
on ne change rien ils adorent... 😥

The danger of hooking up a REPL to your Window Manager - if you forget to do "disconnect" instead of "quit", you'll kill your WM and have to reboot.

Still, totally worth the fun of being able to reprogram the WM on the fly.

Turns out my wasn't syncing for the past week, even though I have a compatible system (Ubuntu, unencrypted ext4) - possibly because dropbox folder is symlinked to NTFS partition (which is also officially supported).

I have no choice but to ditch their paid plan because of the Linux support fiasco. Looking for alternatives. Can be selfhosted (I paid for Dropbox, I can pay for a VPS). Needs to seamlessly sync in the background, handle Linux and Windows. Android support would be nice too.

A correction. Clojure apparently has (or had) two-pass compiler, but it's irrelevant to the issue - the need for defining functions before use (or forward-declaring them) comes from the compilation unit being just a top-level form. Also the reader is non-interning, which is something I missed too.

Source: Rich Hickey @

Ok, gonna have to disable the integration of linters with flycheck in - the linters keep reevaluating code from files I edit in the running Lisp image, which leads to unexpected resets of the runtime state of the application. It's a PITA.

I've been writing for the past 2-3 months, and only today realized that it has one-pass compiler, so you need to forward-declare functions you want to call before the point they're defined in code.

I guess the fact I hit this aspect only today says something about how much time I spent in another such language (C++). I seem to structure code with callees above callers by default.

Adventures in server configs, part 2. Why on Earth is:

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

on the profanity list? :o.

Trying out game server. Recommended (and default) minimum world size: 72x72, world size must be divisible by 4.

World size 4x4 - breaks minimap and terrain generation completely.

World size 8x8 - kind of works, but you move around the world faster than the terrain cache can load new areas.

World size 16x16 - you can circumnavigate the globe under 1 minute, but otherwise seems to work OK.

Funny how in communities like on Discord, you have a separate channel for interacting with bots. It completely defeats the purpose of having bots in the first place.

(Related: I'm still bewildered by the hostility towards bots I see from some people on IRC. Bots are participants too!)

(eval-after-load 'flycheck '(eval-after-load 'cider '(flycheck-clojure-setup)))

Am I doing this right? :D

Yes, messages on keep repeating. And yes, it's also great. Looking at that page, I at least know someone is updating regularly. Compare with e.g. the famous Amazon's status dashboard, with which you cannot be sure whether everything is really ok, or whether the current outage broke the dashboard.

Is it just me, or are new programming languages getting more opinionated?

C doesn't have much. C++ and are bags of tools, you use whatever you like. is famous for its "for any given task, we'll try to make it expressible in only one way". And has a whole philosophy behind it, and is being designed so that things following the philosophy are easy, and code deviating from is is hard or nigh impossible to write.

Speaking of my website generator, I need to pin dependencies at some point. I worry that it'll all go to hell the next time I run #'ql:update-dist...

Life pro tip: document your half-assed side project.

Good that I wrote a README for my own custom static site generator, as without it I wouldn't even be albe to update my own site now...

Half-awake thoughts:

1) Enterprise software lives in the snake-oil salesmen era. Like with individuals in the past, we have no robust way of telling what works and how, but plenty of salesmen know this and will still sell corps shit software anyway.

2) If a corporation is an organism - a body - then what's an equivalent of surgical procedure on it? What's an equivalent of anesthesia?

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