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Software "engineer" by trade and study. enthusiast, loves . Also looking to pivot away from pure software, and into , or . Or in any other way contribute something meaningful back to this world. is my OS. I may have made a for it once.

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I didn't expect that my first serious prolonged contact with the drawing tablet that didn't cause me to want to shriek and run away would end up with something like this.

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View 75 pages of comic.

#Art #FediArt #MastoArt

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C++, exceptions 

I'm still torn about using exceptions vs. result types (e.g. tl::expected) for error handling.

I find them almost equivalent in functionality, but for one case: iterating with standard algorithms and collecting errors. Much easier to std::transform() and gather tl::unexpected; can't exactly resume iteration if internals throw.

But then exceptions give cleaner code IMO (result types create spam of helper functions/lambdas).

Wish C++ had condition system from .

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ESA astronaut selection details will be announced on the 16th of February, with applications opening mid-March

if anyone on here fancies fucking around in space and also lives in an ESA country, now is a good time to start learning some basic Russian

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Using data from Kepler and TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), scientists have confirmed the existence of KOI-5Ab, an exoplanet that orbits a THREE-STAR SYSTEM. DUDE!!!!

#news #science #space #nasa 🐘

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Yay! The Juno probe at Jupiter gets several more years to do science and take jawdropping photos.

And the InSight probe gets two more years to dig a hole. 😏

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RT: This is all too often how UX design is considered and practiced.

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#sci-hub literally saves precious lives. This thread alone justifies its existence.

Opinion on season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery; spoilers for last episode 

Still, to be honest, as much as I hate the new series (except Lower Decks; please give us more of Lower Decks, they're the best Star Trek this decade), I'm still going to watch the next installments anyway.

Anyway, I'm reading now and it made me narrow down *why* I hate the new series. It's because Star Trek is as much a mythos as it is entertainment, and they're ruining the mythos part. There's nothing to look up to anymore.

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Opinion on season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery; spoilers for last episode 

I initially really liked it. The setting was good, the initial vibes were great. It had great potential. But, unfortunately, they ruined it. My two main complaints are:

- Burnham. Both the character and the focus on her. Would you please kill her off already? Oh wait, you've made her a captain now.

- Rule of Cool. It's OK in moderation. WTF was that turbolift scene? Hollow space the size of Manhattan hidden on a starship.

I wonder why so many well-known, mature, popular libraries - like libcurl, Xerces - come with initialization functions that you must call before first use, that are thread-unsafe and cannot be used from a static initializer?

Are all these libraries meant for people who write tiny little CLI utility programs on Linux? Because that's about the only place when you can conveniently call such a global init function.

At this point I conclude libcurl cannot be reliably used in a large Windows program.


I finally got around to reading . The first chapters paint an interesting picture of early humanity.

One memorable point the author is making is that based on both archeological evidence and experience with hunter-gatherer cultures that survived to XIX/XX century, homo sapiens *never* lived "in harmony with nature". We were one rolling ecological disaster ever since the first distinctively homo sapiens communities. Where first humans spread, megafauna died off.

Alright, so here's an idea for the future of for .

How about:
- I rip out the Nyan Cat and replace it with MooGNU ( ), so that it's pristine IP-wise, and...
- We petition for the inclusion of the mode in Emacs' mainline?

Anyone who loves Nyan Cat could download replacement images later anyway.


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Translation as interactive fiction:

"Endure" is an interactive translation of four lines of the #Odyssey from #AncientGreek to modern English. The game responds to the player's choice of #translation strategy as well as to the order of translation; the words you translate first will influence the readings that come afterwards. It written by Emily Short and published in 2016.

Every now and then I stumble upon (or look for) productivity-related advice. Two most common ones I encounter:

- Pomodoro
- You probably have ADHD, get yourself checked.

"I came across your comment on old HN Indie Hacker thread and wanted to reach out!"

It's like the marketers aren't even trying.

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2020 was a weird year huh? Feels like only yesterday

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I survived 2020 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

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