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Software "engineer" by trade and study. enthusiast, loves . Also looking to pivot away from pure software, and into , or . Or in any other way contribute something meaningful back to this world. is my OS. I may have made a for it once.

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@temporal Missfit, ugly duckling, peer pressure.

There are a bunch of pscyhological experiements showing most people have a strong tendency to conform to others around them, e.g., facing the rear of an elevator or not responding to smoke, if everyone else present is doing similarly.

That said, and having succumbed somewhat to the Wordle thing myself: you're not missing all that much. One reason I came up with (and shared) my own "20 characters in 4 words" strategy was to reduce the game ot a pretty mechanical exercise with relatively little challenge.

Individualism, DGAF, confidence, and self-directedness are also Things.

What is the word for a kind of , except instead of being apprehensive about missing out, it would describe being worried about being "different" and not hopping on the current silly community memewagon that's taken everyone around you by storm?

Like e.g. I don't play wordle. I'm starting to worry that maybe I should. But that only makes me want to play it less.

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I am digging -- groups on fedi.

Simple, yet (seemingly) effective. Joined @wordle , @web0 , and @activitypub .

The only issue I see with this is that it can probably be easily abused: anyone can join any group, so spam seems inevitable.

I hope I am wrong!

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I was playing around with #Emacs/#OrgMode, automatic reminders, #MQTT, BLE/GATT, and the #Pinetime.

Then I realised: I am using a text editor to send (not compose) smoke signals to a watch.

Sometimes looking at things at a distance is funny. Or absurd, I don't know.

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(let #1='#3=setf #.`(#3##.(cadr'#1#)#2=#.`(* #0=(*)#4=(#5=+,#0#,.#.`'(,#0#))(#5##0##4#)).'(* #2##2#))#.`(+,@'#1#))

#CommonLisp #Lisp #shitpost

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1 2018
2 2019
3 no not going there
4 no way mate I'm not leaving it
5 2019, month 37 still just fine here thanks

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Me just now: How the hell can this show that began in 2018 be starting season 5 now? That makes no sense! How many seasons per year is that?

*literally counts on fingers*

Me: Well, fuck.

Great write-up on something I've also been thinking and saying for years. And it doesn't even resort to the cynical argument I use, that "buy experiences not things" is something peddled by businesses that live on recurring revenue, and want you to keep spending.

Oh, this looks like fun:

"For one week, try using only the command line for everything you normally do on your desktop or laptop computer. You will not be able to rely exclusively on the command line, but do the best you can."

Now I have no pressing need for this on , and I'm not looking for replacing my workflows, but I guess I *could* learn me some more on , for great good and sweet, sweet dopamine...

"Evidently the corollary to Arthur C Clarke's famous quote on technology and magic is that those who create it are witches and wizards.

You like the magic and you need a few practitioners but when things start getting weird, it's pitchfork o'clock."

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"A good library is filled with mostly unread books. That’s the point. (...) My library serves as a visual reminder of what I don’t know."

IMHO same effect can be achieved better and cheaper by putting up a large corkboard and sticking cards to it, each containing the name of a concept or a field of knowledge you realized you know nothing about.

I prefer my library to consist of books 1) I've committed myself to read, and 2) I've read already and want to keep around for reference.

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Your ideas, your inventions, works of art, creations are not your property anymore than your children are. Yes, you are responsible for them, but you can't really own them.

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Wait, is Hobbes's "Leviathan" considered wrongthink these days?

I guess I need to finally read that book. I'm surprised, because the little gists I've seen of the claims there sounded absolutely and obviously correct.

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Shower thought:

As far as startups go, the company behind is basically a unicorn. 🦄 💸

Scary thought: it seems that it's easier to verify whether your belief is correct or not, than it is to prove it or derive it from first principles.

From this follows that progress of understanding and wisdom depends on people randomly arriving at correct beliefs, getting a chance to voice them, and having them win out over everyone else's voiced beliefs.

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@temporal I'd tend to look for axis and behavioural foundations first, then try to find an appropriate form after.

OCEAN / CANOE and Big Five characteristics are one set: openness conscientiousness extraversiona agreeableness neuroticism.

For groups or polities there are probably a few others. On no particular basis and in no particular order, hauled straight from /dev/ass:

Individualism <-> Community
Tradition <-> Novelty
Authority <-> Empiricism
Intelligence <-> Stupidity
Consistency <-> Inconsistency
Peacefulness <-> Aggression
Short-term <-> Long-term
Rigidity <-> Flexibility
Large-scale <-> Small-scale
High-trust <-> Low-trust
Punitive <-> Restorative

There are probably slots for fitting in justice, fairness, order, routine, property, equality, and other elements.

Some of my suggestions are fairly strongly related (Authority/Empiricism, Tradition/Novelty, and Rigidity/Flexibility, say), others seem fairly independent. It's more dimensions than will fit into any 3- or 4-space representation, though.


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