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Software "engineer" by trade and study. enthusiast, loves . Also looking to pivot away from pure software, and into , or . Or in any other way contribute something meaningful back to this world. is my OS. I may have made a for it once.

Gotta love this term: 報復性熬夜 - "revenge bedtime procrastination". It's when you stay up late because between work and family and chores, night is the only "me time" you have, and it doesn't even matter if all you do is waste it on social media - it's the one little piece of schedule *you* control, and it'll happen even if it means you'll be sleep-deprived.

Which is what I'm doing now, and pretty much every night since forever.


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Language/Mental Hack #423

Zealot speculators of crypto-currencies like to call their assets/obsessions "crypto".

It is misleading, as "#crypto" usually means "#cryptography", a useful science! It therefore brings confusion, associating cryptography with the speculative gambling of a few privileged people.

I decided that to balance that, i would only refer to "crypto-currencies" as "currencies", in order to emphasize their monetary/financial nature.

Words matter.


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A friend of mine is looking to acquire a copy of:

"Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis"
by Andrew Paterson

It's number 5 in a series of 5, and the others have been useful for his teaching.

Does anyone, by an amazing coincidence, have a copy?

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Please go back to putting always-visible borders around your search fields, thanks.

is amazing and I can't believe I ignored it for so many years. In particular, I love how super fast it is on a large codebase I have at work, and that's despite me accessing code on Windows FS from Linux on WSL1 (thus incurring some per-file IO penalty).

(It being fast is important, because at these speeds, it pretty much works like IntelliSense - I can point at a thing in my editor and ripgrep for it, and find all its occurences in a second or two, complete with context.)

Wanted: an extension that detects and skips "please like and subscribe and also become my patron" sections of videos.

Is there anything like this out there?

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Me: ooh, maybe 1.5MB is too big for an entire package that students need to load to do their exam.

My employer: let's stick a different 1.6MB "hero image" at the top of each of our public-facing pages

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@temporal Very good questions.

Reducing quantity demanded can be done by imposing consumption or extraction taxes.
Equity considerations (see parallel thread(s)) can be addressed through employer of last resort, UBI, collective bargaining, and worker cooperatives.
Buffers can be sustained through strategic reserves and by imposing continuity-of-supply obligations on providers or warehousers.

See the US Naval Strategic Petroleum Reserve (now the Strategic Petroleum Reserve), established, during WWI, the Harbord List (also WWI), the Defense National Stockpile Center / DLA Strategic Minerals list.

If services such as utilities, grid supply, healthcare, etc., are assessed not on a quantity-delivered basis but on a value derived basis or SLA (effectively, uptime) basis, then you'll see supply continuity prioritised over mere quantity of sales. (Texans may have some sympathy with this logic following recent weeks).

Pricing nonrenewable natural resources based on their replenishment rate rather than according to extraction costs, as has been doctrine and theory since the time of David Ricardo (early 19th century) would be motherfucking peachy as well. We're extracting fossil fuels at 5 MILLION times their natural rate of formation. The price should reflect that.

Similar arguments apply to the utilisation of common sinks, as with atmospheric CO2, heavy metals pollution, and the like.


C++, Boost, anger 

"// It should be safe to include `<version>` when it is present without checking
// the actual C++ language version as it consists solely of macro definitions."

Well, guess what, it's not safe, because all you do is:

defined(__cplusplus) && defined(__has_include)
# if __has_include(<version>)
# include <version>

... which picks up on any file named "version" in the include path. Like one in nanodbc library, which isn't meant to be included and doesn't parse as C/C++.


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@temporal so:

All ideas are brainfarts unless ignited with a spark of inspiration. Then they're just a bunch of hot air, I guess.

To be fair, hot air is uplifting, so there's that.


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@temporal Not intentionally, but I dig it.

I coined it from the root of propaganda, the PIE root “pag” (to fasten), and which shows up in pact or impinge. And the nasalized form of that root which is in the word fang from gefangen (to seize or capture), and newfangled.

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To be “enfangled” is to be captured or fastened with a particular belief through the reception of propaganda or some other form of undue mental influence.

“Enfanglement” is the state of having been enfangled with some belief.

To “enfangle” someone is to successfully fix a propagated belief in their mind (being distinct from “propagandizing”, which is the communication act attempting to unduly influence someone’s beliefs and that may or may not succeed).

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The many problems of the "marketplace of ideas" metaphor aren't specific to the notion of an exchange of ideas, but of any marketplace. It's simple, direct, immediate, minimum-viable-standard ideas, goods, services, products, etc., which dominate in any market. It doesn't matter if these are ideas, hamburgers, blockbuster movies (arguably ideas), electronic devices, or hamburgers. The marketplace puts a general premium on simplicity, mass appeal, and immediate benefit (even if this carries long-term harm).

The failures aren't specific to ideas. This is simply what marketplaces, and market-based economic systems, do. It's a failure of any such system.

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"I see you have a new jumper," the robot said.
"Like it?"
"I can not judge fashion."
"Well, I like big jumpers, they hide my shape."
The robot froze. "You want your shape hidden?"
"Haha, yes-"
"My radar... Erasing data now."
"You don't need-"
"Data without consent is... Wrong."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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