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Software "engineer" by trade and study. enthusiast, loves . Also looking to pivot away from pure software, and into , or . Or in any other way contribute something meaningful back to this world. is my OS. I may have made a for it once.

Where do I suggest ideas for shows?

Someone should really pick Original War (the game) and make it into a TV series. Seriously, everything is already there: unique and captivating storyline, very diverse cast of characters, interesting character development, politics, banter, apemen, mastodon(ts), alternate reality soviets, lots of guns...

It was a great game, would make for an awesome show.

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Did I ever write about how the hymn of the Soviet Union and the theme song from Gummi Bears are entirely interchangable? The lyrics from each sound perfect with the music of the other.

Someone shown me this as an example of bad UI. I actually believe this is very good UI design, and I'd love to see more software designed like that.

It ain't the pretties thing in the world, but it is logically organized and optimized to do a complex task very efficiently. It may be on the extreme end, but this is what a tool that doesn't waste your time looks like.

A little gem I found today:

If I read this correctly, I love how opposition to nuclear power causes more loss of life expectancy than nuclear power itself.

Maciej Ceglowski (Idlewords) testified in front of the US Senate on privacy & data collection. The written testimony before is the best summary of current issues of and Internet that I've ever seen. It has ridiculously high signal-to-noise ratio, and gets the subtleties right.

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Move over Jordan Peterson this veterinary handbook contains the real rules for life

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I'd like to #nameandfame pandoc today. Absolutely brilliant #foss tool to convert between many text formats. When writing a scientific paper in markdown but promotors only work with docx, this gem saves the day.

Just finished the new Chinese blockbuster, The Wandering Earth. Got to say, I'm very impressed. Good acting, nice visuals, hits all the usual tropes that make catastrophic/sci-fi movies tense and entertaining, and even got the science right in places where western movies tend to make jokes of themselves. Recommending.

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Shoutout to craigslist for being exactly the same website for 20 years, and a damn good one at that

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It's cool when I get to use links I bothered to macro again later - also, makes it a LOT easier to write these sorts of logs without breaking my flow, while still being able to have pretty robust linking!

(Sorry for the screenshots.)

@acciomath This is a random example of something Org-mode can do.

My new favourite near-future weapon idea that I came up with today: pumped-laser carrying artillery shells, shot straight up from beyond the horizon, sniping enemies at long range.

SQLite is a little piece of marvel. I'm in love <3.

Twitter poll on trying to imagine pictures in your head:

I'm in the 2/3 camp. I wish this was somehow correctable. Is it?

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The massive effort on part of smartphone makers to ditch the headphone jack is one of those moments when the curtain gets pushed aside and it becomes clear that consumer electronics aren't about giving people what they want but what corporations would rather they want.

Love to see good ol' DOS inventory management software still in use in retail, instead of whatever SaaS steaming piles of web bloat startups are cooking up these days.

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