Interesting how in a period of loss of control and words you find ourself with an in studio audience narrating your actions across the parking lot and your head narrates them back. As if the universe was experiencing itself.

@fribbledom Agreed. I thought I would be different this morning and start with a cashewmilk ice cream. Now that I read this toot, I am going to have to follow up with a tofu scramble.

I would like to if they could share any resources for learning . It has been on my list for sometime and with the state of things, I would like to give it a go and see how well my interest and my abiities hold out for it.

@manjarolinux Awesome. I have been playing with a combination of i3-gaps and Plasma this evening. Haven't quite nailed it down, but it does offer some advantages. But I do love me that i3 and Manjaro's setup is pretty nice out of box.

@debacle Boy I am glad I just went to try Profanity. Was not able to connect to my server and after a couple of tests with my vpn and no luck with dns resolving, I realized that with all this mess I did update my card to renew my domain and it expired yesterday.

Your reply just happened to save myself a lot of headache.

Thanks again!

@ManjaroARM Awesome! Just downloaded both the EMMC installer and the SD card versions of Plasma for the Pinebook Pro. Been loving the Plasma version on SD looking forward to flashing it to the EMMC and keeping the SD just for storage.

Great work by all you!

@debacle I haven't looked at Profantiy for a while. Glad your brought that one up, I might use that on the Pinebook Pro (going for a more minimal or text/keyboard approach on it).

I glanced at Movim in its early days. Major updates since I last looked.

I am definitely going to note Converse.js. With the recent announcement of the PinePhone with UB Ports installed, I am hoping I can swing some money for one when things settle down. Excited about both the PinePhone and UB Ports projects.

@distrotube I have been using vim for years. Unfortunately, I never expanded beyond simple editing. But geez, now that I think about it I have been missing out on a whole level of workflow and my passion for text. Between tootstream, vimwiki, vifm, and other assorted cli, I could probably live in full screen tmux paned world of hyper textuality.

@distrotube Just watched your vid on useful vim plugins via LBRY. I think between vifm and vimwiki, I have finally have a sensible, easy, and manageable way for learning notes, system notes, and writing notes. Best of all it works on both amd64 and arm64 unlike electron solutions. Thanks!

I am just putting the finishing touches on my new and improved setup. Just a couple odds and ends to put in and then begin working on the various bots I want to use for tools, system status, etc.

While I have used Psi and Gajim in the past, I am not sure on what client to settle on for my desktop and for the Pinebook Pro. Kaiden is not ready and Dino seems too minimalistic.

What XMPP clients are you using?

Seems is offline for now, so cant access the @ManjaroARM account to post this. So gonna post it from here:

Important announcement. Manual intervention required by #ManjaroARM users!

@Strit @ManjaroARM
Thanks for the information. I will take care of mine this evening.

@ashfurrow Hope things are going well for you in New York. Miss the city, but kind of glad that I am missing out on some of this mess there. Wish you the best.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is seeming to make everything come to a standstill, I have decided to make the most of my lack of work and social distancing.

I am going to take the time to get back to community, write, learn new skills, and find ways to give back. I am taking an uncertain gap as the opportunity to enrich myself and my connections with others.

I have decided to actually make use of my personal blog by sharing my efforts and hope that they inspire others and me.

@fribbledom a great hobby. I wish I still had my collection and box art. Surprised to see Combat in there since most people only had it as a VCS/2600 system include.

@ashfurrow I was not thinking of it in jest. I actually think it sounded cool

Well the voting of the names for my came down to 3 contenders.

Let's name my . I have 8 names, but the poll feature only allows 4 options, so I will do it in 2 sets. The top 2 of each set will go to the final poll. Vote on both sets! Would love to read why you liked the name, curious joy.

I plan to use it for professional & personal writing, research, take it on hikes, Linux Fests, traveling, maybe a light game or few, light coding. It is for enjoying and sharing adventure. The mind's canvas from different scenes.

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