... This just in and I have to say it is freakin’ gorgeous. I have a feeling that once I get out and about with it, there are going to be inquiring minds that will want to know all about it. @PINE64 , thank you!

@tekmav @PINE64 I'd be into laser cutting a shiny silver pine logo to stick on the back to go with that matte black surface. :thinkhappy:

@polychrome @PINE64 As awesome as that might look, I kind of like the messaging behind the plain matte black. It is like saying to the user Be Your Own You and not like your Apples and Surfacebooks were you Be a Brand or I Pledge Allegiance To ...

@CounselingTech I will let you know more as I get the time to play with it. I will say so far that I love the firmness of the keyboard.

@tekmav Whoo! I had been following the bit of info these guys had for a while, but then looked away for a bit. I wanted to see the viability of them for different facilities

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