warning: a foreboding 

Why do I have a feeling Cortana will be coming to Linux or will be opened up by Microsoft soon?

warning: a foreboding 

It would definitely be a boost against Alexa, Google, etc and if tied with Mozilla’s voice project it might be able to become what we had hoped for Mycroft. Cortana is not going to thrive without the ability to grow beyond the Windows platform into more pervasive experiences. Apple is feeling it already itself with Siri. It is having to scramble to merge their current ecosystem with an ecosystem they do not even have yet. “Siri, Hey Google ...” shows the garden walls won’t hold.

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warning: a foreboding 

Oh that? That is just the new Microsoft ™ Cortana® Premonitions© feature. It gives you all the news you want, before it's happened.

The installed it in your spine while you slept after you last updated Windows.

Honestly, I am glad for the open sourcing. I am just glad the Rams will win the Super Bowl.

warning: a foreboding 

@Ventronik Wow. Now that is preplanning. Last update was 2001 and not even my machine.

Super Bowl, eh? Never cared much for rams in that case. Now, chia with roasted pepitas over a coconut milk yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and tad bit of cocoa... now that’s a Super Bowl. ;)

warning: a foreboding 

@tekmav I would be happy to see that

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