Shoutout to Framasoft (, I found them recently through @hund and their software is very useful. In particular Framadrop and Framapic are great, file hosting and image sharing without any bells and whistles. No accounts, just upload the files and share the links :)

@trawzified @hund Framasoft was how I first discovered Wallabag and a few other solutions. While I do not speak French and the majority of their site is not translated to an English option, I have been able to somewhat piece together software/services to the base open source project and learning new things along the way. truly am thankful that a group like this exists. Their intentions are honorable and their passion undeniable. I hope for more groups in the world like this one.

@tekmav @trawzified If you like Wallabag, check out Shaarli. It's a minimalist, super-fast, flat-file (no database) bookmarking service.

I've been using it for a long time and I'm verry happy with it. :)


@hund @trawzified I have used Shaarli some in the past. I have actually been considering using it again for my personal bookmarking.

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