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What do you call a snake that's 3.14 meters long?

A πthon

Happy Pi Day!

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The keyboard would be right in that I talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Lumbago a lot but since it didn't take in to account what I already(light bulbs) typed it chose poorly. Train the ML on common English and then weigh the suggested words against their likelihood of use in a sentence containing the other words already typed. Viola, good suggestions. Not the insane shit keyboards frequently come up with.

"I'm looking at new light bulbs. What..."

*types* lu...

Keyboard: "Lumbago!!!!!!"

Me: "Who the fuck is talking about Lumbago in the context of fucking lightbulbs!? What luminosity do I need!?"

There has to be a statistical consideration of word combinations to make a better suggestion. Rarely is the suggestion a word that would be used in a sentence with the other words you've already typed. Seems like it would be a fairly easily solved issue using some ML.

Why don't phone keyboards with suggestions or auto-complete function at a higher level?

I know there have been a few attempts at this like Swift Key that tries to analyze your previous writing but it seems like it doesn't need to be that complicated.

Virtually all of them try to suggest words based on what characters you've already typed suggesting words that might match. Why doesn't it combine this with analysis of the previous typed words?

That time the airplane infotainment client crashed and was running Redhat.

Who's so nerdy he's staying up way way way too late watching Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda?

Stand firm highguard! The Commonwealth will rise again.

Am I back? I'm back! Well see how long this lasts.

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RT @balinares

USB 2.0
USB 3.0
USB 3.1
USB 358/2 Days
USB Chain of Memories
USB Birth by sleep(3)
USB Final Chapter Prologue
USB 3.2


Worst hacking sequence of the year, maybe the decade, is in Dedicated Survivor Season 1 Episode 10. 18 mins 49sec. You're welcome!

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How do you store your own medical records? Does anyone use their own EMR(electronic medical record) system? I'm looking at Microsoft HealthVault which already holds a fair bit of my exercise data. What other options are there and does anyone have any recommendations?

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With G+ shutting down in 10 months, it's the perfect time for Mastodon and federated networks to rise above being clones. Ask G+ users what they liked, why they stuck with it. Build better tools into these networks to accept the migrants. And of course demonstrate why federated platforms can be a better design.

cc: @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup et al

I'm late to the game but I just took receipt of my Tezos. FeelzGoodMan

I was feeling both a little sad and a little mad and a little artsy crafty.

RIP G+ you were good to so many of us, until you weren't.

Google's reputation should be burnt just the same for not fixing or notifying anyone of the breach.

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Everything we do is open source! If you're ever looking to see how something was made, want to file an issue, or would like to contribute code, you can do so right here.

Good to see Mycroft getting some love. Last I played with it it had a ways to go. I'm still Keen on getting 2nd gen hardware and see what the "official" config is like.

I used just the context processor library as a back end for a chat bot that worked quite nice.

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