Work on Gajim 1.4 is making big steps forward! 🚀 After nine months of developing Gajim’s new main window, the code was finally ready to be merged into the master branch. This enables automatic builds of nightlies for Linux and Windows.

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A new initiative uses open source to keep podcasting decentralized and add new features. They have a documented API that will allow any app or developer to connect to the index.

The purpose of the project is to offer a sustainable alternative to individual podcast hosters who may come and go, and as an alternative to a Big Tech wanting to commercialise and centralize their offering, and often then losing interest and just shutting it down (remember Google Reader?).

There is an excellent interview with Dave Jones from the project on the podcast Linux Unplugged episode 440: Saving Podcasting from Centralization.


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This website requires JavaScript to be enabled for full functionality. We do this by enabling developers to have access to an open, categorized index that will always be available for free, for any use. Listen to the first episode of "Podcasting 2.0", where we discuss the project, and its goals. Podcasting 2.0 RSS Feed The core, categorized index...

This blog entry on Syncthing mirrors my own experiences using it recently (in the last week).

And gosh does this blog have a great presentation style!

After Mozilla recently began accepting donations via BitPay, many people started being vocal about cancelling Mozilla and Firefox and switching to other browsers.

I know crypto sucks, but don't y'all realize that the other browser engines are developed by megacorps that are LEAGUES ahead in terms of ecologic impact, and that are almost entirely built on top of evil business models?

Mozilla's only sin was accepting donations via BitPay. Please let's stop being so toxic about everything, and boycott BitPay and Bitcoin rather than Mozilla, shall we?

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It’s really sad IMO. I do think running a forum for project like social network makes little sense as most of people will just use masto to communicate or issue on a tracker to submit problems. It’s as useless as providing Teams/Slack to discuss development of xmpp/matrix. Looking at the masto discourse it’s pretty dead anyway so should be wiped as it wasn’t used. What worries me is the argumentation behind the move. I think projects like mastodon should actually promote and use solutions that are made within the community it co-creates. It should set an example and show that just like social networks, other tools exists and can be succesfully used outside walled gardens. Especially for a project that does exactly that. Most of the contributors/feedback givers would most likely have no problem switching to alternative, as this was most likely their motivation to use mastodon in the first place. Sure move from github is probably hard and something you can’t just do in one click, but if done (move to codeberg for example) could be a big signal for others that it is possible as well as pull people into such solution. With fediforge we might soon have federated git issue trackers.

Don’t dismiss work of others @Gargron ! Embrace the ecosystem you are part of. Don’t worry, people will follow. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

#Movim is an open-source decentralized social media platform that relies on #XMPP network and can communicate with other applications using XMPP.

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I don't understand the reason why AcitivtyPub and Matrix came up with new convention for usernames (@user@domain) rather than follow the same convention as Email / XMPP. Can somebody explain?

Fedizens, great news!

The #FedeProxy project which allows code #forges to interoperate on the #Fediverse is selected for the 2nd phase of the #NGI DAPSI program. The project has rebranded to

#Forgefriends is both Community and #FOSS project on an important mission: To unite coders online, and make stronger bonds in the #FreeSoftware world and to the benefit of the #Commons.

@gitea is first in adding #federation code. They're your forge friend!

Your help is vital!


Now, this one's a bit overdue but DisNews#3 is out:

💌 Lacre progress
🎉 Custom domain linking
🔎 New dashboard
😥 Muppeth's quitting
☕ 3rd volunteer fee

Read more at:

Daily reminder to not start yet another Discord server if you believe in free open-source software and privacy. Looking at you "Discord Administered Organizations (DAOs)" & "decentralization enthusiasts". 🤡 Try @matrixdotorg or alternatives for a change.

Here I made an anti-NFT! No blockchain is needed, because it belongs to everyone. Yes, even you, it's yours! Feel free to boost, screenshot, or right click & save! <3

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🇺🇸Let’s find out who’s better? ::fediverso::

All you have to do is vote on which you think is better: Jabber/XMPP or Matrix? The comments are open for discussion of why your choice is the right one. Please repost. :ablobcatangel:

🇷🇺Давайте узнаем кто лучше? ::fediverso::

Вам всего лишь стоит проголосовать что на ваше мнение лучше: Jabber/XMPP или Matrix? Комментарии открыты для обсуждения почему именно ваш вариант правильный. Просьба сделать репост. :ablobcatangel:

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It's actually very possible to pay artists without creating a convoluted scheme involving cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and blockchain.

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