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I want to see more rounded corners on Mastodon's web interface and maybe a bit larger fonts. Maybe custom CSS support?

If I ever develop another open-source app, I'll either choose GTK or QT so that I can make sure it directly benefits the open-source community.

TrebleShot 2.0 for Android is now available for download and it supports encryption!

Get it from GitHub with the full changelog:

On Google Play:

Albümün her parçası güzel (Kebabylon bile). En çok dinlediğim parçaysa Fable of the Urban Fox.

Keşke başarılı olsa dediğim bir albüm olmuş. Eleştirmen yorumları da genelde 9/10.

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Arap Strap'ın As Days Get Dark albümünü dinliyorum bir süredir. Şansıma TIDAL'ın önermeyi başardığı güzel eserlerden biri bu. Daha önce hiçbir parçalarını dinlemediğim Arap Strap grubundaki abilerimizin başarısızlık dolu hikâyelerini anlattıkları bir nevi otobiyografi bu albüm. Haliyle de karanlık bir havası ve samimiyet üzerine kurulu bir ilerleyişi var. Abilerimiz hayallerrinden uyanıyorlar ve her şey yolunda gitseydi neler olabilirdiyi anlatıyorlar. 10 üzerinden 11'lik albüm.

And now ciphers stopped working on tls versions v1.1 and below.

I don't understand the logic behind this.

I need to override the default back behavior occasionally, but I need to call setEnabled all the time to ensure that.

Just allow me to override isEnabled method. Or better, let me return a boolean value inside the handleOnBackPressed method.

"Battery saver turns on the dark mode to save power" was sometimes "battery saver turns on the dark mode to consume more power because your phone's display is not AMOLED"

Bon Iver was never indie.

He was just an undercover soul country all along.

My google-neutrality is leaving itself to dislike. And, I am not enjoying my stay on google platforms since they blocked chromium from the API access. Can't we have a polished experience for once? I want to focus on that this summer. Maybe I can revive Firefox Lockwise on Android? It was crashing when I tried to switch to it. I just want a seamless experience!

Can we create an open-source DRM solution already?? Tahnks

I have been working on a database object serialization utility for django. Today I have finally got it to work and gotta say it works beautifully.

And update on this. Autohint and hintslight do the same magic. Also, you don't want to get the weird artifacts and discoloring that hintfull option brings.

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Cargo likes to rebuild the project, do you know why? Me neither.

On that note, dynamic linking on Rust seems to be immature, which is a sad thing to witness. I can probably create a library that statically links dependencies and then I can link that library dynamically as a solution. This would just be an small work if the project were mine. Still, I will see what the possible solutions are.

I love the experience with Rust so far, but I need to find a way to reduce the executable size. I am sure nobody will say 400MB is small, given it needs to be replaced every time I click 'Run'.

Right now, the issue seems to static linking but somehow changing to dynamic linking reduced the size only 4MB.

The good thing is rust-analyzer performs extraordinarily, which is always welcome in low-level languages.

I like it when fonts render good on the screen. Some fonts are really good at being antialiased and some don't, but most surprising part is the problem is usually not the font. On different programs, fonts render differently. For instance, Cantarell with autohint enabled and with full hinting (custom settings) renders beautifully on GNOME Wayland. But it is not the case on all apps. XWayland apps totally mess up the font proportions and makes you disable hinting and give up on sharpness.

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