I have a thing for computing on the cloud. It gives me pleasure for some reason. Maybe it is the fact that it doesn't make my laptop sound like a jet plane taking off 🛫

GitHub doesn't accept webm video files in comments. What I did is rename the file to MP4, and it uploaded and played with no issues. Some much for the security, I guess.

I modified github.com/yilozt/mutter-round to round the corners for allowed programs only. This is better, as most programs I use already have rounded corners.

You can find my changes (on top of mutter main) here: gitlab.gnome.org/tasali/mutter. To configure, you will need dconf-editor or equivalent.

Search engines should show a warning/sign that the page I am about to visit behind a paywall so that I don't download 15mb of scripts and leave my online identity behind just to rage-quit after 5secs.

Whenever I see an GUI app referring to itself as "simple", I think to myself "did the developer intend to say, [I will not care about this project long enough], [This is my interpretation of something already exist but only with the things I need], or [This works, but don't expect what should be the norm such as accessibility]?" Seriously, "simple" is the worst keyword to refer to an end-user software. Preferably say: minimal, mindful, or ergonomic.

uprocotol now has a dedicated website where you can keep track of its development status: uprotocol.monora.org/.

📣 #TWIG #28 is out!

The new GNOME Shell screenshot UI got merged, Builder got improved podman/toolbox support, a new third party extension manager, FOSDEM, three new foundation projects... and much more! 🚀



Traversal is a new uprotocol client for sharing files securely: play.google.com/store/apps/det.

I was going to wait until the second release is out, but google is slow to deliver updates (it's been 7 days), so here it is. Give it a try (it is fast).

Been listening to Broods' Evergreen album and I really like it. I love albums with a specific theme or tone.

My MR that adds rstcheck as a plugin to GNOME Builder for linting reStructuredText files has been merged :)

P.S. Fullscreen screenshot because I like my setup.

The first release is in review on Google Play. This will be a continuation of TrebleShot project under a different name and will be fully compatible with it. I already began working on a desktop version that will be released under GPLv3. It will use GTK4 with libadwaita. I know this should be cross platform but what I care about is uprotocol and libcoolsocket being available as libraries that other apps can build against.

I always thought pwned was an acronym for password owned or something. But no, according to the internet, it is just a spelling error. Just disappointing and unnecessary to say to the least.

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