good morning, for a hackathon project at work, I helped build a long-requested feature for our app: a log out button

being an engineer, I'm able to design some really visually compelling slides, too

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good morning, here’s the state of my meetup’s sticker exchange pile

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good morning, fedi, found a little tip, a little suggestion, while out and about, thought ya might need to hear this, just an idea hey [cw food]

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good morning, rented some practice space in midtown the other day. still need a band name, and also permission to post the wider crop of my band mates

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@ashfurrow Walking to Mondor.

Winnipeg in joke. Its a street in the middle of nowhere off the 59 that people keep spray painting the n to look like an r

@tapi amazing! Our first performance is a set of John K Samson songs, so, 😅

@ashfurrow I can probably come up with a few others if you want something in that vein.

Jolly Mug - staple diner in st vital

Exchange - area of the city

Osborne - area of the city

Kingston Row - st that runs along the river on the cover of Fallow

Ive yet to actually find an all night restaurant in north Kildonan

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