Pondering unanswerable questions like

What lies beyond the universe?

How many grains of sand are there on all the beaches of the world?

What do fresh Winegums taste like?

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Let's make a colour together! <3


It’s been a hell of a week and Motion City Soundtrack is exactly what I needed

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[worried parent posting on a forum] what if my child's lobster is different than the one I thought they had when they were born

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replacing the word "gender" with "lobster" works in every situation

cis person finding out there are more than 2 lobsters and getting really worried about it

"oh no! just how many lobsters are there?!"

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there are only a few useful project length estimates in programming

"30 minutes", "a few days", "multiple engineers for multiple months", and "fuck you for asking"
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Every OS wastes your time, from the desktop to the lap 🎶

Me: Daddy’s name is Paddy
Son 1: and Mommy’s name is Siri

‪Hello D&D Mastodon, one of my players is looking to take on some commissions. If your looking checkout his stuff. If you aren’t looking maybe consider signal boosting?‬




Do not chase your Metamucil with beer. At first it’s like “oh, that taste like a nice orange wit beer” followed by “fuck me, it feels like I swallowed a loaf of bread whole”

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Nothing funnier than growing old and having to think about regular poops

LOL if you trash talk people who write code comments like

// Increments the counter

but write git commit messages like

Increment the counter

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Wired, 1993: Rebels with a Cause - Your Privacy. "On the cover were Eric Hughes, Tim May, John Gilmore, holding up an American flag, faces hidden behind white mask, their PGP fingerprints written on the foreheads. Gilmore even sporting an newly-founded EFF T-shirt. (from Thomas Rid, CS Monitor)"

Wired, 2019: YOU'RE IN PRIVATE MODE. To continue using a private window, sign in or subscribe. The title of the article being denied reads "It's Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser. Ad trackers are out of control".

Can Jira just add emoji support already?
Every time I try and add a comment with an emoji it responds with “Communications Breakdown”

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