Elliot Smith - Between the Bars

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"At the end of the day, Mr. President, no borders are visible from space."
"It's true. They are just social const-"
"We will change that."
"How much paint do we need?"
"That's not-"
"Get to it!"
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I love my AirPods, but I've used them so much that I get 1.25 hours charge out of the right ear which is super annoying.

β€ͺWhy is there no Twitch app for AppleTV? Seems like a no brainer doesn’t it?‬

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boost this and I'll assign you an rpg trinket* until I can't think of any more trinkets**

* a simple item lightly touched by mystery

**as above, but plural

In case you were looking for a child to D&D race height mapping. A toddler of 2.5 years is of average Halfling height.

I expect by age 3 he will be a Gnome.

In the same vein, balanced parties are always less fun to play or DM than lopsided ones that need to do without or find ways to combine their skills to fill the gaps.

I find more and more that my character concepts focus on flaws or restrictions because they are more fun to play and explore.

Now if only I had more time to play. Maybe I need to try a play by post game πŸ€”

Me after watching the Frozen 2 Teaser: You're a bloody Disney sequel, what business do you have looking good!

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If u think Elixir has good concurrency u should see me try to take care of 3 kids

Hello Mastonauts!

What songs would you put on a mid to late 90’s playlist. I’m feeling nostalgic.

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They call us monsters. It hurts, but we stay quiet. Their parents let light in under their beds; we cower in what shadows remain.
We lurk, wait, until a demon inevitably possesses a teddy bear to find the way into the child's heart. We'll eat it, save bear and child.
We monsters.
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