@cypnk Totally been thinking of doing this when we buy our house - try be as self-sufficient as possible.

So far really liking my new Pixel 2. Haven't really had a chance to use the camera yet and my number isn't ported until the 17th. After that I really get a chance to see what it can do.

In Angular I've gone from "here is the CLI" to attempting to build a dynamic app with component factories and services.

It's a very steep learning curve and the documentation on this could be a lot better.

@BrokenBiscuit Not really, no. Maybe checkout egghead.io - they might have some free courses to watch first that might help.

(And I've never learned Ruby because I found it hard, so take from that what you will)

This is quite terrifying: A tech cult called Trinfinity - a Heaven's Gate 2.0. Run by a tech bro named Bentinho Massaro.

Like something out of a Cyberpunk future he uses technology to ensnare his victims to his quite wild beliefs.


@mattt We prefer Birdsite, but we won't crucify you for it ;)

@jk Is this real???

We have wooden floors and a dog :D

@gregvr @Mastodon @bradheintz their all over on that Gabi (sp?) network. Yes it's a walked garden of hate. I somehow recieved an invite to create an account there. It's terrifying what I saw, unfiltered bigotry.

@fdgonthier @gregvr this was looking at the federated timeline. But yes hoping to keep my circle as free from that as possible.

@gregvr Haven't really seen any. That isn't to say there aren't still d**ks on here though, but that's just humanity

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