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So far really liking my new Pixel 2. Haven't really had a chance to use the camera yet and my number isn't ported until the 17th. After that I really get a chance to see what it can do.

Just released mm-components (Music Markup), a set of vanilla using for creating music with web audio. First release is the keyboard and key components which let me create this: mastodon.technology/media/pd2R



In Angular I've gone from "here is the CLI" to attempting to build a dynamic app with component factories and services.

It's a very steep learning curve and the documentation on this could be a lot better.

This is quite terrifying: A tech cult called Trinfinity - a Heaven's Gate 2.0. Run by a tech bro named Bentinho Massaro.

Like something out of a Cyberpunk future he uses technology to ensnare his victims to his quite wild beliefs.


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Another day, another data leak discovered... This time 31 million users' personal details including phone number, name, device & network details, SMS number, email addresses, social media profiles & location...

"It raises the question of why a keyboard & emoji app needs to gather the entire data of the user’s phone." 🤔


So... turns out that Google tracking my every move might get me out a parking fine I've received from the Amsterdam council :D mastodon.technology/media/WpWi mastodon.technology/media/4eMA

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"Apple rushed into sharing face maps with app developers... Apps are supposed to make clear why they’re accessing your face and seek “conspicuous consent”... But... you just get a pop-up that asks for “access the camera”. It doesn’t say, “Hey I'm now going to map your every twitch.” [And] once you give it permission, an active app keeps on having access to your face until you delete it or dig into advanced settings."


Bloody hell, turns out I had forgot to type `mvn clean install`

Waiting on one of my colleagues trying to find out why I can't get a maven archetype up and running.

I have no clue.

I speak JSON and Yaml. XML gives me headaches, POM files doubly so.

And esoteric log messages really don't help.

What an amazing charity in the UK, helping ensure the health of dogs of homeless people.

I'd rather give to this than give Christmas presents this year bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-42201020/


I'm sure it'll leak down into Github at some point.

Also makes tech conferences awkward if these people attend.

Twitter Toxic Levels for today:

So a developer of some well used open source libraries has started a Patron, and some developers seems to be upset by this, and other developers and defending it and they've started insulting each other.

I respect(ed) these people, but even in open source the levels of toxic hostility on twitter is at a point I'm ready to throw in the towel over there.

I'm a JavaScript developer and Brexit refugee (from UK, moved to Netherlands earlier this year with my wife).

Looking to shift to less politics, less toxicity and more tech and hoping Mastodon can fulfil that.

My main open source project is @takeoff and I'd love to get feedback from other .