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okay yay, I wrote up some notes at meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:L, please edit/comment/add boldly (can move it out of my userspace once a few other people sign on).

I put a rough timeline on that page, since most of us have a Nov. 1 deadline.

This feels like a bad idea.. but I'm seriously considering managing my dotfiles with an APT package. What could go wrong?

Not at all sure what I should be saying here.. thank you everyone who made this happen <3

Here's a neat picture of the Arctic Ocean taken near Skibotn in northern Norway.

MediaWiki's CentralAuth extension now supports setting expiries on global groups memberships granted to users! Quite happy to finally have this in production, this is CentralAuth's first new user-facing feature in over a year now I think?

I was named on the PAWS ! I was kind-of hoping for an award on something I created myself, but this is awesome (and totally unexpected) too :D

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the . You can check out the complete materials here:

Today on "things I did not expect to cause breakage": migrating a Python script from 2 to 3 in a php 7.3 container. Turns out that the php container is also used to run Python 2 CGI scripts as they just work out of the box, so the script migration and subsequent Python 2 removal caused the cgi apps to stop working.. Fun times.

Attacking volunteers on your homepage and then claiming we're the ones destroying FOSS is plain out not acceptable, we're leaving and no longer want to be associated with your network.

Thanks for all the memories and can't wait to make new ones on


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