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i set up a local zandra ssh box so maybe i will work on it more

broooooooooooooooooo i want pumpkin pie rn

Got a load more work done on my distro since school is winding down. :)

I plan on making more videos on YouTube and LBRY. They will probably be about Zandra Linux since I've been working on it for a couple months now. Might start posting on a PeerTube instance as well, I don't know yet.

I repasted my X200 finally and cleaned out the fans.

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If you’re a student under school surveillance, it’s important to understand how you’re being tracked and how your privacy is affected.

Out camping tonight. Starting to wonder why people stay in the cities when you can live in the woods. Maybe I should stop watching Luke Smith. Nah.

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Jitsi provides free-as-in-freedom videoconferencing that's #betterthanzoom -- and FSF members can spread that freedom far and wide by talking to their loved ones and colleagues using the new FSF instance! Join today:

After using vim almost daily for around two years I completed vimtutor for the first time. I did learn a few things.

Only 1 month left of junior year! Not sure if I should be excited or nervous for senior year.

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Getting a new Unicomp keyboard. This time I'm getting the EnduraPro.

Trying to use vis as my editor full time because of it's awesome | command.

9front is really cool. WiFi's not working tho. Neither is the trackpoint. But it's ok. WiFi's kinda bloat. I can use a mouse too.

I've been learning Go and already wrote a couple things in it. It's pretty cool.

I'm going to be speaking at , the FSF's conference on free software and ethical technology, March 14--15, and I hope you'll
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Got a case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Replicant and got wireless charging set up. Also actually deleted other social media for good this time. I've been off it for over a week and I'm hardly thinking about it anymore.

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