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Getting a new Unicomp keyboard. This time I'm getting the EnduraPro.

Trying to use vis as my editor full time because of it's awesome | command.

9front is really cool. WiFi's not working tho. Neither is the trackpoint. But it's ok. WiFi's kinda bloat. I can use a mouse too.

I've been learning Go and already wrote a couple things in it. It's pretty cool.

I'm going to be speaking at , the FSF's conference on free software and ethical technology, March 14--15, and I hope you'll
come check it out! See the schedule at, and
register at

Got a case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Replicant and got wireless charging set up. Also actually deleted other social media for good this time. I've been off it for over a week and I'm hardly thinking about it anymore.

Got two articles uploaded to my website and I migrated to Hugo from teal, a web framework I wrote. Everything works well, just need to remove the social buttons and add a RSS button.

I just set up as well. Not sure how much I'll use it but it's nice to have.

Using mbta-rss, cron, and my mail server, I get an email listing alerts for the trains and buses I take every morning! I'm so proud :)

Got the Ultra Classic Unicomp keyboard for Christmas :)

Working on swerve once again.!! I hope to get a keyboard driver and some libc updates out within the next few days.

Off to Paris, Normandy, then Ireland! Excited to see the D-Day beaches. I have wanted to since I was very little.

Come Back to Camden by Morrissey is definitely one of the greatest songs I've ever listened to. Why haven't I heard it sooner? I'm so glad I have now.

Just wrote a ton of scripts for dmenu yesterday. So simple. So productive. So elegant.

Updating my website soon. It's too bland right now. I'm going to maybe add a small blog / RSS feed as well, and hopefully host git there finally.

The assembly spec will be public soon - there was an issue with the opcode format but that was fixed. Not the most elegant fix, though, so I would like to take some time to try to find a better solution.

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