Off to Paris, Normandy, then Ireland! Excited to see the D-Day beaches. I have wanted to since I was very little.

Come Back to Camden by Morrissey is definitely one of the greatest songs I've ever listened to. Why haven't I heard it sooner? I'm so glad I have now.

Just wrote a ton of scripts for dmenu yesterday. So simple. So productive. So elegant.

Updating my website soon. It's too bland right now. I'm going to maybe add a small blog / RSS feed as well, and hopefully host git there finally.

The assembly spec will be public soon - there was an issue with the opcode format but that was fixed. Not the most elegant fix, though, so I would like to take some time to try to find a better solution.

I was using AWS for web hosting but I starting moving to Linode recently thanks to @lunduke and @gbryant constantly reminding me of the (really true) amazingness of it!

I already got a good bit of the emulator and assembler done. Documentation is going pretty well too, written in groff.

Cool summer project idea 

I wrote a Chip 8 disassembler today. It's going onto my GitHub later probably. Also, I may self host (as a mirror) my git repos on AWS soon.

I ordered a Thinkpad X200 with Libreboot yesterday!

Probably will try to be back on here more. Been working on some little projects but recently got into SDL2 2D game dev again!

My emulator now has display and keyboard support!

Just vastly improved my emulator at 3AM last night, proud of myself for not making a bad choice in the middle of the night for once.

Thought I'd reinstall arch but then realized I'm too lazy right now so I'm sitting in elementaryOS

Probably going to write an article on my emulator once I get an assembler up, basic I/O and an actually confirmed working spec standard.

Well I can print "Hello World" on my emulator now, off to a great start!

Working on that emulator again... I just want to finish something!

Merry Christmas to y'all. I had a mince pie and Christmas pudding for dessert, now to start thinking of more possible New Year's resolutions again...

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