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Damm, i literally got banned from another mastodon instance for expressing the desire to follow content creators on #Gab. Didn't violate any rules and was completely reasonable about it. I merely expressed wanting to follow all sides of the political spectrum in one place. I know its a sensetive subject, but thats just rude.

What's an easy to install piece of activitypub-compatible software you peeps would recommend?
Mastodon seems like a right pain to install even on ubuntu, and debian doesn't have one of the dependencies..

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@cj while I agree in principle I think it's murky territory to conflate what Tusky did vis-a-vis Gab with implementing a feature or not. If Tusky removed boosts for everyone the freedom of use is respected: anyone can use Tusky to do what Tusky is designed to do. If they removed boosts only for left-handed people then freedom of use is infringed because not everyone can use Tusky the same way.

That said, I use Tusky and I think Gab should be de-federated.

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hello and welcome to the offices of Klonk and Donk

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For those licking their lips waiting for a #pinebookpro, we've got a lot of news for you today!

- Preorders launch on July 25th
- Built-in privacy switches
- The current OS outlook
- And more!

#pinebook #rockpro64

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@frankstrater @DashEquals But #peertube could just use #IPFS under the hood, right? So that you could use IPFS to distribute your content. Every instance just "seeds" the video their users upload, like it does now, but just also exposes them over IPFS.
Instances can show videos that it doesn't host by IPFS-fetching them. They can also cache and serve them.
People could setup caching services (peers) on their laptops or even inside their peertube browser page.

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Wrong, #Matrix works, just homeserver using it won't work.

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OK. Some people keep rating the app one star because I don't block an instance.

Unfortunately, their lack of comprehension concerning the Fediverse (manipulated by some propaganda) make they think that the app is not safe to use.

You have every tools with the app to avoid interacting with people you don't want to see.

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i miss when pepe was actually just a common reaction pic for feeling bad about things

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The @postmarketOS folks are making massive strides in their work, not just for the #Pinephone but also dozens of other devices new and old. 😄

What the fuck does cloudflare's 1016 error mean?

"You've requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain ("


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@fedilab I think you took the right decision. I don't think it's your role to judge who I have to be able to see or not. Your role is to give me access to Fediverse, that's all. Thanks for taking that much care about users of your app, Tom! I really appreciate all the hard work you make with Fedilab!

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v0.9.5 major updates:

- Photo improvements (filters + alt tags)
- Admin dashboard updates
- User settings updates
- Video support + Loops updates
- Discover updates
- Bulk manage followers/following
- Contact form/page
- CW Comments
- Admin Custom Page Editor
- Admin Configuration Editor
- Performance improvements
- Remote Following
- Remote posts (search, like, share, comment, report)

and more! #pixelfed

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