@lexservxyz @Matter Except this is not due to riot, it's due to being google-free. Anything using push notification will be using google's servers as far as i'm aware.

@Matter @lexservxyz Are you using the F-Droid build? IIRC it has no push notifications since that's a google thing.

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There is a vulnerability in the Plasma desktop that KDE developers are currently working to patch. The details are here.


For the moment avoid downloading .desktop or .directory files and extracting archives from untrusted sources.

Also, if you discover a similar vulnerability, it is best to send an email security@kde.org before making it public. This will give us time to patch it and keep users safe before the bad guys try to exploit it.

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Parents: are your kids exchanging vi keymaps?

wtf: one word forward, then to the first 'f'

LOL: insert a new line with a single 'L' just above bottom of screen.

fml: move to one character past the next 'm'

tbh: move to two characters before the next 'b'

dtf: delete to 'f'

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at @nextcloud I use a nextcloud instance hosted by hetzner, they're fairly cheap and have a range of storage space.

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Matrix Telegram bridge

We're now hosting a bridge between our #Matrixserver and #Telegram.
While due to the way the bridging works, some advanced functionality like read receipts and typing notifications is only available for users on the #Feneashomeserver, most of the functionality is available to any Matrix user in the wide network. By hosting a public bridge we hope to help a bit with the weight #t2botis currently pulling.
More information and usage instructions in our forum: talk.feneas.org/t/telegram-bri friendica.feneas.org/display/7

@signaleleven I think the roots are mostly just more visible, and definitely more clumped together than they would be in soil.

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I'm rooting really hard for the Pinephone to be decent and actually make it to market soon. I'm really liking the sounds of it. Specs are good enough. Emmc and bootable microsd slot! USB C! 3000mah replaceable battery!


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The only good thing in the world today is that I learned about "banana pose" which is just something seals do when they feel safe and content.
Just happy seal things.

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#2180 "Spreadsheets" 

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