SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.12

Change Log:

* [BugFix] liveuser is available installation
* Titlebar-less Firefox
* Package Updates

🌍 swagarch.gitlab.io/#download

Tags: #1812

SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.11

Change Log:
* use Calamares Installer V.3.2.2
* Package Updates

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Tags: #1811

@abbreviatedman First two are easy: Xubuntu and Debian. But the third... probably @swagarch or some other distro with a good Xfce implementation.

SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.09

Change Log:

* catfish replaces fsearch & menulibre replaces alacarte #105
* xfce4-panel-profiles replaces xfpanel-switch #104
* pacman terminal tweaks #101
* redshift-light replaces redshift (without GUI, service only) #103
* duckduckgo is used as a default search engine (again)

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Tags: #1809

SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.08

Change Log:

* update packages
* update archiso build script
* [BugFix]snd_pcsp blacklist double blocked #102
* [Suggestion]add shortcut Crtl+Alt+T to open terminal #74
* [BugFix]add Is "lib32-mesa" necessary? #98
* [BugFix]error with f2fs partition #99

Known Issues

* Changing Screen Resolution don't work in Virtualbox

xrandr --output VGA-1 --auto

🌍 swagarch.gitlab.io/#download

Tags: #1808

Change Log:

* Add pix as default image viewer
* Removing some obsolete packages
* set searx (s3arch.eu) as new default search engine in firefox
* [BugFix] With linux 4.17 and VirtualBox 5.2.12, vboxguest must be blacklisted. virtualbox.org/ticket/17827

Known Issues:
* Changing Screen Resolution don't work in Virtualbox

xrandr --output VGA-1 --auto

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Tags: #1807

Searx - Search without being tracked.

Searx is a #free #internet #metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither #tracked nor profiled. Additionally, #searx can be used over Tor for online #anonymity . asciimoo.github.io/searx/

SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.06
Change Log:

⚫ delete gmic plugin & add darktable
⚫ update mimeapps.list #87
⚫ [BugFix] Problem with latest xorg and nvidia video cards #88
⚫ [BugFix] SwagArch Installation error #84

🌍 swagarch.gitlab.io/#download

Tags: #1806

(18.05) Known Issues: πŸ’£ 🚨
At the end of the installation Process calamares will sometimes crash
You can Ignore that (your system will work correctly after the installation)

SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.05

Change Log:

⚫ [BugFix] gnome-mpv is now available in std arch repo #83
⚫ update packages

🌍 swagarch.github.io/#download

Tags: #1805

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