> If outsiders complain, but people living inside the system seem happy with it, it probably means that the chaos is serving them right, and that it’s just foreign eyes who are unable to perceive its underlying order.

Or maybe the insiders got used to the chaos and are no longer able to perceive the issues it's causing. Sometimes chaos is just chaos and trying to understand the historical reasons for the system's current state is not worth it, it just needs to be torn down and replaced with order.

@lukas The part I found most interesting was about intentional communication. It kind of looks like evolution of existing ideas (StackOverflow, GitHub issue templates, Facebook reactions), but taken to the next level.

I haven't encountered a system that worked quite like that and I think it would be interesting to see.

@lukas Why is there still so many people on 4.5.1? Is that the newest version for Windows 7, or something like that?

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