I think I'm going to read Isaacson's codebreaker/crispr biography next, I liked the innovators (the jobs bio was too good I really hated jobs on page 73 so much already that I didn't finish it..)

I believe lots of you are building keyboards themselves and urgently need this one.. ;) (freshly found for you on the bird site in the perl vicinity ;)

why not every single open source project has a cat logo is beyond me... (if you talk to developers of any given project, the number of cat pics popping up in even the most hard-nosed greybeard chat is astonishing ;))

one more chunk of €€¥¥$$ on my savings pile and then it's shopping season: new tiny silent pc, possibly new notebook and I definitely want @EMSL's axidraw plotter in A3 :)

I've also never worked without versioning. but sure, the first automations were all home grown but cross compilation nightly builds for different platforms? sure. tests and linting on cvs commit? no problem. building packages? deploying and restarting your app? of course.

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reading through a reddit thread that devs should deploy their own code.. of course I'm thinking, how else? and then I realized that I'm used to ci/cd/automation since I started in IT - at first with shellscripts on CVS hooks - but never "manually" since 1994. I was lucky it seems

you know what would be a nice shake-up of all the international conference circus and programming language competition? surprise exchange audience & speakers - C++ talks for the PHP folks, JavaScript goodies at Linux Plumber, Perl for the next KubeCon... you get the idea :)

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for once in my life .. only ONCE I want to get "ln -s" right.. :)

browser tabs are my personal doom. they are made by the devil out of good intentions, interesting articles and google search results.

google: cat
click on the orange paw to the right
be like awwwwww
see your productivity go
tell coworkers :)
(works with "dog" too :))

it is international cat day. :) all our kittehs.. sadly only lotta is still alive..

TIL I was still a child who learned by "new math" ("Neue Mathematik") principles in primary school. it is so ingrained in my mind and was so intuitive somehow that I still see colorful rectangles and circles in my mind whenever I do SQL (maybe a reason why I like it so much?)

ome nice examples of more experimental visual programming environments: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3 (also look at ioun.it, very stylish)

when the generational outcry hits you, you should have good answers what you did as your generation and as individual to prevent climate collapse, war, surveillance, fascism, violence.. you know the usal bad shit everybody should oppose because.. how could you not??

I'm going to call "Fatalf" "fatal fuck" from now on because that's what it is...

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