Mastodon interface really improved over time.

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I prefer the layout with a single column though

probably Twitter spoiled me

@AbbieNormal Yes, me too. Isn't the single column layout the new default? If not I retreat everything.


I don' t know if it's default

mastodon.bida has it. hasn't

those are the 2 instances I use 🤷‍♂️

@AbbieNormal oh, you're now on bida. Didn't know. I still doesn't have an account in polemic with the fact I can't share "political propaganda from parties" wich is funny because I have never shared it however. 😂


I wan to find new isntances to explore new atmopsheres, new communities

I' m interested in the queerness and in human respecting tech

but I don' t like sectarianism of any sort, so I try to go slow and be prudent 👀

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