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Socially blind.
Face blind.

The incessant casual cruelty that the socially adept inflict on autists knows no bounds.

You 'people' fucking disgust me.

Perhaps the most libertarian part of the Declaration of Independence is its insistence that people have no obligation to submit to oppression: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

@varjmes I do software.
* Drop the open floorplan. Full-height cube walls are a minimum. Real walls are better.
* Much better sound insulation, and turn down the lobby music. I need to not hear it from my desk.
* Give me a stable, well-prioritized work backlog.
* Give me time to investigate and fix issues instead of running around putting out fires.
* Make interrupt-driven dev support a real job (ideally for someone else), not something we all do on the side.


William Goldman wrote the book and screenplay for The Princess Bride. I like this story he told about Andre The Giant.

Alternatively, the classic sleepsort, for lists of integers:

sleepsort() {
for n in $*
( sleep $n && echo "$n" ) &

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My hybrid battery is angry right now, so I'm only getting about 50mpg, which is pretty disappointing

today i learned about two guys that had a blunderbuss duel in hot air balloons in 1808 and i am absolutely in love with every detail of this

Autocorrect cannibalism 

The wife: Can you bring dinner for tonight?
Reply: We're having left...
Suggested completions: leftists leftypol lefty leftovers

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