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WRT the above, I block people who have avatars or whose media posts are mostly NSFW. I apologize to those whomst i've blocked for this but ... at work I sit between two of the comapny founders and at home I am someone's dad. That stuff is not adding value to my experience here.

Everything about this thread is magical and worth reading
Things are getting bleak in Duolingo-land

Today I learned:
1) Puppet converts the values yes and no to True and False
2) ifcfg scripts believe True is yes and also that False is yes, basically anything not 'no' is 'yes'

Mark Zuckerberg should take acting lessons from Brent Spiner so he can learn to act like a robot capable of passing a Turing test.


SV doesn't see the need, because the mistakes that SV understands- broken code- can be fixed with software patches. Why do you need a social structure in the company that prevents errors, when you can just move fast, break things, & fix them?


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It's easy to think "Other people wouldn't struggle with this so much" when you're self-taught and trying to learn on your own. The ghosts of non-existent people who learned programming and design in a day haunt you and make you feel inferior.

This has helped me to go easier on myself and recognize that what I'm doing is what most "geniuses" do: work hard, and persevere.

@sum_random My experience the last time I had to find a job via recruiters after age 40 was not very positive. I ended up getting my current gig through contacts. I consider this job the best I’ve ever had, so here’s hoping it persists.

I plugged this in and am very upset it does not work like the disaster buttons do in sim city.

@lynnesbian lynne, using a tin can on a string that is on fire as a phone: at least it's not an iphone

Oddly, this is my most popular tweet in a while.
People seem really interested in Unicode.
Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

I had to get up because laying down too long makes my back hurt.

@ajroach42 @bhtooefr They're not to 6502 levels yet, but apparently Sam Zeloof is manufacturing chips in their garage.

on having linux chats at a coffee-shop.

when speaking of tracking down and killing orphans, discretion is advised.

@sungo This is the exact same power dynamic in a lot of "radical" spaces - unless you exactly fit the template they expect, you get cancelled.

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