Gitlab planning to do what?!

> Users subscribed to GitLab’s free tier may soon see projects being automatically deleted if they have remained inactive for one year.
> According to The Register(opens in new tab), people in the know have suggested that this new rule could be activated from September 2022, but there has not yet been an official announcement.

I am mostly self-hosting, so I am not worried about my code, but this is plain silly.

@rysiek maybe it's time to move away from the concept of having git repos by default and going back to hosting "completed" projects as zip files on our static homepage or something?

but that's just me trying to make sense of something that does not make sense


@rysiek @carcinopithecus

I wrote my own quasi-forge a long time ago and it holds all of my stuff on a VPS I own. If my Gitlab account goes away, I'm not going to lose anything irreplaceable.

I only use the forges as a way to publish and to make it easy to contribute.

That being said, I was considering moving to Codeberg anyway so now I have impetus.

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