As I'm working on I was wondering what is more important to you for picking a project to potential contribute to:

@RyunoKi @humanetech Cultural climate of the project, willingness to accept PRs, how new/naive folks are treated, how design/accessibility/security/privacy, etc. are treated. And is it a true community collab., or tied to a single individual? Is it a toy/PoC or an intentional attempt to scratch a real itch?

Programming language is a narrow litmus test for “can I contribute?” capabilities, but almost doesn’t matter though when asking the more important “is it worth contributing?” question.


@matro @RyunoKi @humanetech


I care about license only in that if it keeps me from using the product the way I want to (or think it should be used), I'll skip the project. And if it looks to corporate or amateurish, that's a red flag as well.

As for language, if it's one I don't know well, that'll be a barrier. If it's a Cool New Language that isn't really appropriate for the task (e.g. a webapp in Rust), that's a red flag.

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