Do you hear "e1m1" just by reading those four characters?

@cwebber yeah, I was definitely well into the opening riff by the time my conscious brain caught up and decoded what this post even meant

@SpindleyQ @cwebber I've been listening to the version by MBR pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks ...
It's on YouTube and other places of course, but also direct from the artist

@yojimbo @cwebber this triggered another deeply entrenched ancient subconscious instinct, which is, if I see a file called, I am downloading that file

@SpindleyQ @yojimbo @cwebber What about a LISP interpreter from 1987 whose source code is only available from

@suetanvil @SpindleyQ @yojimbo @cwebber Oh thank you! Good find! I looked for that but only found some old GitHub repository someone else created from the last tarball and never updated.

@be @SpindleyQ @yojimbo @cwebber

It's also got his various other wierd languages.

(I always meant to look into xlisp and never got around to it.)

@suetanvil @SpindleyQ @yojimbo @cwebber It has a Makefile... which doesn't work. Guess I gotta CMake another library.

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