I do wish people wouldn't post things that amount to "ha ha, people use Linux and care about owning their computing time, imagine how much more they'd get done if they didn't."

I wouldn't be getting more done, I'd be in another industry.

"wow why don't people like it when software companies market their software as working on their computers, when in fact the software only incidentally works on their computers due to an unrelated project"

i can't imagine

"haha look at all those audio APIs on Linux. they can't even decide on one way to do this simple thing" that's because it's not simple. general case routing of audio and MIDI is a really hard problem. people pay hundreds of dollars to solve it.

"wow Linux is so hard to develop for. there are so many distributions and so many sets of libraries." yeah you don't ship your games for Windows Server 2019 either. just pick a distro and ship. maybe ask around a bit.

@tindall Linux is hard to develop for?

I have zero fucking idea where to even begin with Windows. :blobugh:

@Jo @tindall

Fun fact: if you use Wine and the mingw cross compiler, you can do Windows dev without having to touch Windows.

@suetanvil @tindall I feel like that would be revenge on every game dev that shit out a Linux version of their game without properly testing it. :blob_laughing:


@Jo @tindall

FWIW, I generally don't resent gamedevs for cheaping out on the Linux port. Linux is on <2% of PCs and not really friendly to running shrinkwrapped binaries out of the box so from a cost-benefit PoV, I'm surprised *anyone* ports games to it at all.

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@suetanvil @tindall I mean also, not producing a port at all would be preferable to releasing a port without any kind of testing, thinking it would behave the same regardless of platform. :blobtilt:

@suetanvil @tindall A lack of a port is one thing, releasing a port that doesn't even behave close to intended, later admitting you did zero testing and making excuses that you can't afford to install the OS (in this case Linux) to test it yourself is... horrendous on so many levels.

@Jo @tindall


(I mean, I guess it'd be forgivable if they didn't claim to support Linux and then tossed it out as an unofficial freebie for people who bought Windows version, but I'm guessing it's not that.)

@suetanvil Or you just do what Steam does and say β€œWe only support Ubuntu LTS xx.xx, it might work on your distro but we won't provide any support if it doesn't.”

@Jo @tindall

@nytpu @Jo @tindall

That pretty much what everyone who ships Linux binaries does. That and build against the oldest version available.

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