I do wish people wouldn't post things that amount to "ha ha, people use Linux and care about owning their computing time, imagine how much more they'd get done if they didn't."

I wouldn't be getting more done, I'd be in another industry.

"wow why don't people like it when software companies market their software as working on their computers, when in fact the software only incidentally works on their computers due to an unrelated project"

i can't imagine

"haha look at all those audio APIs on Linux. they can't even decide on one way to do this simple thing" that's because it's not simple. general case routing of audio and MIDI is a really hard problem. people pay hundreds of dollars to solve it.

"wow Linux is so hard to develop for. there are so many distributions and so many sets of libraries." yeah you don't ship your games for Windows Server 2019 either. just pick a distro and ship. maybe ask around a bit.

@tindall 🦋 besides which we’ve gotten tons of games intended for ubuntu to work fine on arch without much trouble, there’s not that much difference between distros


@changeling @tindall

Yeah, it’s pretty much always possible. I have a copy of the Humble Bundle Linux port of Torchlight that broke sometime after release. Turns out, it was incompatible with newer libsdl and it was pretty simple to find an old version from a previous distro release and drop it in the dir.

That fixed it.

And good luck doing that with a Windows XP system dll.

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