@julia This is so true. I struggled with this not just through childhood, but through a lot of adulthood as well... when I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, my mom said, "Yeah, you were diagnosed as a child, but they told us you'd grow out of it, so we didn't tell you." Man, if I'd been prepared properly, taught to develop coping mechanisms, really understood why I was "different" from other kids. This is why our kid has been involved in their treatment from the beginning.

@CarlCravens @julia@efdn.club

I got diagnosed a year back (at age 49) and *so* much stuff made sense.

When I told my parents, my step-mother said, "Yeah, your father has that too. He's fine, though."

So, um, thanks?


@CarlCravens @julia@efdn.club

I mean, I don't think they realized it while I was a child but for most of my life, I just thought I was lazy and undisciplined.

Even after I'd realized that there must be *something* different about my brain and found that treating it like a disability to be bypassed really helped, I still had days where I'd say, "Next week I'm going to get my ass in gear and not be like this."

The great thing about the diagnosis was that it made ADHD into a real thing I had to acknowledge.

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@CarlCravens @julia@efdn.club

Also, "I can't do $THING right now, I'm lazy." is still a running gag in my household.

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