Doom 2016 is a masterpiece, and playing it last night reminded me of something from when I did peer mentoring in college: I had one student who was really full of himself, and thought he was too good for the peer mentoring that was required for freshmen. He was also super conservative and religious and was super condescending about people who just clearly did not see the light and the truth and etc. etc.

Around that time I built a new gaming PC, and was replaying Doom 3 cranked to the max (this was ~08), and as a time-filler I was just talking video games and it came up. I described it being about killing demons and being fun, and he was like, "Why would you even want to play that???", like engaging with fucking Doom 3 was akin to devil worship. I just sorta awkwardly navigated through it to avoid getting into a debate. But internally it was very what-the-fuck.


I vaguely recall somebody online saying something about how they were pretty much immediately able to shut down that discussion with (IIRC) a parent by saying, "But the demons are the bad guys."

@suetanvil Yes! I'm pretty sure I made that point. He was just the kind of evangelical who thought you had to purge your life of anything even remotely "demonic." He also thought Sara Palin was a great VP candidate for McCain in 08 so he didn't have the greatest judgment.


So like one time? There was this girl in my college-age church youth group that I sort of liked.

A bunch of us were out having breakfast at a local diner and she said something that I thought was a Pulp Fiction reference so I said, "Ah, you've seen Pulp Fiction."

And she said, "Why would *I* see a movie full of violence and swearing?!?!?!?"

And then I no longer sort of liked her.

@suetanvil It is sort of nice when people just broadcast themselves like that. It makes the process of deciding whether you want to keep hanging out with them much faster.




I mean, she wasn't a bad person or anything but it was immediately clear that she was not the sort of person I would want to spend large amounts of time with.

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