today uber and lyft drivers are striking and of course those companies are trying to tempt you and the drivers to scab so please don't fall for it, and show solidarity!



Yโ€™know, someone should have hacked together a temporary website/app thingy that connects striking drivers and passengers. Basically, a quick and dirty competitor. That would have scarred the crap out of them.

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@suetanvil you know what if there was like, a federated version of uber and lyft where people just run their own websites and got all the money :blobhyperthink:


The thing uber et. al. bring to the table is that they (sort of) vet the drivers. A federated clone would allow bad actors to spoof good reviews.

Iโ€™m thinking turnkey FOSS infrastructure that (e.g.) a co-op of former Uber drivers could just deploy and use.

@suetanvil @anna i've been thinking about how easily a lot of gig economy concepts would transfer into a more cooperative-focused model, actually. i think the biggest problem would be the way that uber and co have conditioned drivers to think of themselves as independent actors competing with one another, but if you could get past that a co-op model is a really good fit imo.

@uncletrunks @suetanvil yeah like the model im thinking of is you basically have a bunch of instances similar to mastodon where drivers sign up and join a cooop, and different instances offer different services and such, like maybe one would be slightly higher per-ride fees to the instance but they actually offer google maps API for instance so its basically just a pass through for paying for that infrastructure. and in general it would be about doing the best thing for drivers and passengers and being upfront about the costs to provide the service and infrastructure.

@suetanvil yeah like it would be difficult to bootstrap, to say the least. it might even necessitate authenticating against uber/lyft until better infrastructure is in place to do vetting, and figure out proper web of trust shit standalone

it'd be a big problem to solve, theres a reason that people who do all that effort want to chase unicorns, but damn it'd be cool

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