Hey, #Firefox-using friendsโ€”

If you lost access to your add-ons this past weekend and you tried some advice to set `xpinstall.signatures.required` to `false` in `about:config`, you should

1. install the latest update, and

2. flip that setting back to `true`.

It's important to have this setting on to help protect you against malicious extensions.

(Don't @ me about whether you personally need or want Mozilla to sign the extensions you use. Consider this toot may not be for you.)


Last time I checked (yesterday) the change hadnโ€™t made it to the Ubuntu repos yet, but Iโ€™m using the Studies hack instead.


And I just checked again. Itโ€™s still no in the Ubuntu (16 LTS) repo.

(Despite this, I still maintain that Firefox is the least bad of the browsers.)

@suetanvil That sounds sticky. I thought I'd read somewhere that you could manually install the xpi from the study and it would tweak the signing setting. Don't recall where though.



The studies hack is working for me at the moment. As long as it lasts until the update reaches me, Iโ€™m good.

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