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Does anyone have any desire to own the domain pitchfork.club? I'm going to let it drop in a week.

I can't find the original now, so I'm probably misremembering some detail, but last week I saw this post that said something like

ยป a Dangerous Idiot is someone who thinks that they somehow see a simple solution that all the experts have somehow missed

And I keep thinking about it

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Apropos nothing, a thing I like about old school ASCII- or Tile-based roguelikes as a genre is that it lets one or two people write a giant, epic Skyrim-esque RPG by themselves.

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Playing Saints Row 3 by driving around buying up all the properties and using the income to buy more like a proper criminal.

TIL that Steam has low-bandwidth and low-performance modes that disable a lot of the more annoying parts of the client.

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gta V is free at the Epic store
my suggestion is not to play it online (you can use mods to get the cool online items offline, without grinding)

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