The Smithsonian announced today that they have released 2.8 million images into the public domain (CC0 license). In celebration of this I made a bot you can follow that will post one random image from the set every 8 hours:


For more on the imageset, see here:

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for those of you uncomfortable with downloading plug-ins off unofficially websites, my add-on is now on Mozilla's website :-D

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women do friendship face to face, men do friendship side by side, enbies do friendship stacked on top of one another like Pomeranians in a trenchcoat

looking for work, please boost 

Anyone looking for a job writing video games in Vancouver? Relocation costs apparently can be covered. Full time, above market.

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In computer tech, it's really easy to write a coherent-seeming essay about why $THING sucks. You just list its shortcomings and hit SEND.

These essays are almost always worthless because $THING is going to be the result of many, many engineering tradeoffs and so there will always be shortcomings for the essayist. They inevitably ignore the question of what the actual effects would have been of doing it differently; that is, was this tradeoff a net win or not.


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First: the number one predictor that there _will be_ a future bug in a piece of software is the orgchart distance of the people working on it. Not physical or cultural; orgchart distance. Two people who are in the same room and report to different VPs are wildly more likely to introduce errors into a codebase than two people who are on opposite sides of the planet and speak different first languages but report to the same manager.

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I taught a 70-year-old how to make GIFs a while ago and they just sent this in their merry Christmas email

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