After the Tour (Stamford Walk)

This street is not a textbook;
You canโ€™t buy a beer
where Washington went
where Putnam fled
nor sip his/story off
the bound page

No statue looms as large as this;
the etched remains
of those in war who died
and few signs of those
who were left behind

Last names, like rain,
like water on its way down
to the Sound, gathering
in the forever storms, again
and again and again


(inspired by history workshop)

Also tried unplugging everything, with and without the video card. There's no speaker in the case so I can't here beep codes. I should probably try to get one of those. But anyway, no change. Probably pointless because I've already swapped out the video card.

I then did the scary thing and reseated the CPU (without thermal paste handy). Ran it for about 20 seconds but still the screen is still black.

So it's either the CPU or motherboard that's hosed.

Time to email the local system builder, I guess.

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Update: nope, still doesnโ€™t even reach POST. Just comes on (fans run, drives spin) but the screen stays black.

Oh well, I needed a spare video card anyway.

Also: advice is welcome. So are pointers to good diagnostic guides.

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Cheapass video card installed in place of the (somewhat) expensive one. Letโ€™s see if the computer boots now.

about 6 months ago i bought a rainbow guitar strap on a whim. but i've never used it. i just dont have a guitar that lives up to it

Oh, hey, look at the new @storybundle! One might look familiar.

You won't get my Secrets for Making a Livingแต—แต any cheaper.

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