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โ€œThere are many Hong Kongers and other smart people writing online who can explain the political context of the protests, the likelihood of intervention, and what this means in a deeper way. I am just a visitor who perhaps thinks too much about fish cakes when being tear gassed.โ€


Of course Maciej Cegล‚owski went to #HongKong protests and wrote a brilliant piece, with references to how the โ€™80s Sovietโ€“American culture shock is as great as the 2010s Americaโ€“HK one.

*door slams open, Karen runs into middle of room*


*Karen runs out of room*

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Huh. So somebody has written a Fallout 4 mod that brings back skills as distinct from perks. It's called Be Exceptional.

It's kind of a pain to get working, in that it depends on the Script Extender, but it may well be worth it.

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Fun fact: each book scanned for the Internet Archive has a unique identifier, usually the title of the item, or its first 16 characters; the volume number, or 00 if there isn't one; and the first 4 characters of the author. So:


let me rephrase my rant

No Application Should Be Allowed To Pop Under The Mouse And Steal A Click Nor Should They Be Able To Steal Focus When They Appear


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Working on a new feature: destroying the University of Larn with a Sphere of Annihilation will revoke your degree.

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Shout out to my former housemate, Karl Z., whose copy of Evangelion I originally watched and who failed to tell me about the multiple endings, thus making me sit through both the original ending and a clip show just because of the โ€œawesome cliff-hangerโ€ between parts 1 and 2 of The End of Evangelion.

Welp, time to fix Derby Day again.

This horsey pinball dates from 1967 and features an elaborate backbox animation of six horses, each of which move individually along a track when the ball hits certain targets. Getting your horse all the way to the finish line enables higher scoring.

As you can see, we had some problems at ReplayFX. I'll transcribe the out-of-order sign in the next post, as it's a long one.

BTW, my employer in Ottawa is looking to fill a couple of positions that are half dev, half devops, mostly in Java, C++ and Python. If youโ€™re looking for work here, feel free to ping me for details.

Boosts okay.

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