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Back on the job/gig hunt again. If anyone had need for a purple team dude specializing in WiFi hacking, and endpoint/threathunting... Iโ€™m all ears!

Also, I am equipped and prepared to do contract work through my company if that is what you need too. Please boost the signal and help me put kids through college. :)

youtube DIY video (portable water purification) 


"DIY Salt-Water Survival Bottle (Compact Desalination Kit)"

I'm not saying you need one, just that the process of making one is interesting and simple enough you could probably do it at home should you ever need to.

(ps: yes @RobinHood, I did think of you when I saw this, because You Know Exactly Why.)

I am looking for a home in the fediverse. Trying out mastodon.online as a general larger instance, but deep down I want to find a great smaller place where the local time line is populated with great people and great stuff.

Is there such a place for a game dev, aikidoka, art lover? Feel free to recommend me places to be, or to boost.

i'm retiring an older collaborative project that never quite got off the ground... BUT in doing so we're releasing the tiles we drew for it into the creative commons. 281 free, hand-drawn isometric tiles, to use in your projects:


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Did you play in [average indie band] in [second class city] in [1998] and have since moved on to become a primary school teacher or archbishop or something?

Go dig out your old bands CDs, rip them and put them up on Bandcamp for like $2. Someone out there, like me, who loved your music but lost/destroyed your CD years ago will be *very* happy to find you again.

(Iโ€™m utterly extatic to have just found this flatstanleyau.bandcamp.com)

Our co-op has been sending out a newsletter for years, but more recently has created free email-based courses around

1. Running effective online meetings

2. Working more openly

These are now under one roof after I've spent some time pulling them together this afternoon!


Oh hey and if you're not following me on birdsite/have my RT's off there/whatever, check out this short comic I did with @alexdecampi@twitter.com.

This is part of a little project called "Nice Day Wanda", wherein the Scarlet Witch has a bunch of happy little moments instead of, you know, angsting over destroying the universe or something. Scripts by Alex, art by a bunch of Alex's friends including me.

Also, I am now learning to read Clojure so that I can port certain synths from Sonic-Pi to SuperCollider. This really is the gateway to learning new things.

My SuperCollider obsession has led to putting together a Linux binary, which has led to shell scripting and Docker. So, not good. Fortunately, this seems self-limiting.

BTW, my current obsession as of the last couple of weeks has been SuperCollider. The language is basically just Smalltalk, so I'm pretty much hooked now.

Microblogging was a mistake. An attractive, candy-colored, addictive mistake. 

Microblogging was a mistake.

An attractive, candy-colored, addictive mistake.

I will never actually implement it but sometimes I look at what the popularity of Twitter has done to the shapes of our conversations and I want to mandate a *minimum* post length here.

Mastodon's default limit of 500 is a start but not really enough. Every instance that raises the limit into the thousands of characters or beyond is doing a great thing by providing a way to wean people off of short, staccato exchanges and give them the opportunity for thought and nuance in a text box they have been trained to dump thoughts into. It looks short at first but it just keeps on growing and growing as your thought takes shape, and you can actually go back and *edit* the fucking thing.

But really I still miss when goddamn Livejournal was where all my online social shit happened. People could still be dicks on it, don't get me wrong! it wasn't set up to encourage and enforce hot takes, though; it wasn't built to make a ton of money by farming your outrage and stress and turning it into ad views!

(Which is really a problem with ALL modern social sites, everyone wants to become the next Zuckerfuck and there is no way to do that without strip-mining your users' attention. But I've sung that song more than once and don't care to sing it again today; I've got shit to do.)

(This post brought to you by watching a disagreement actually get *resolved* thanks to the power of replies that are long enough to have some fucking nuance, instead of blowing up into a multi-day shitstorm of too-short replies going back and forth.)

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