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Some of the first papers on exceptions were written by a bloke named Goodenough.

Taking a break from software dev to focus on and to keep my sanity. Writing , modeling in and I just ordered myself a cheap .

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Started training a bot that tries to analyze and identify hate-speech on Twitter.

A few things became quite apparent after only a few days:

1. There are huge networks of (seemingly) fake accounts that like and retweet each other's posts. Someone is operating this at a _massive_ scale.

2. Reporting and banning fake accounts seems futile. You're fighting a hydra that spawns new accounts quicker than one can report them.

3. I'm feeling sick to my stomach just browsing through the logs.

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We Distribute has joined Feneas!

We’re excited to announce a new milestone for this publication. Since its inception, We Distribute has been dedicated to the sourcing and distribution of news relating to Free Software and decentralized communications. The project has provided extensive coverage over the development of new apps in the federated social web space, and interviewed developers at the forefront.

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You look BEAUTIFUL Australia!

100,000 in Sydney
100,000 in Melbourne
Record breaking crowds in Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and all around the country

The Global #ClimateStrike has gotten off to a historic start 💚


If it weren't for the Plasma 5.17 beta announcement ( I wouldn't have known about the global at all. There's absolutely nothing about it in the regional news nor on reddit, yet a demonstration is already ongoing in my city.

And why is planned for the 27th when a global strike was planned a week before?

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@lachs0r @dtluna To be fair, at this point there is not really much that can be done individually or collectively to halt climate change; barring something catastrophic like a nuclear war, we are on track for enough warming to activate quite a few climactic feedback loops, meaning more or less a collapse of society and massive disruption to most ecosystems within the century. This seems like less of a funny skit as time goes on:

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star trek picard trailer 

Looks like a weird action movie
I was hoping for humanist monologues, personally

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Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

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Bloomberg thinks that Microsoft has won over Open Source. I can't speak for them, but they certainly haven't won over me or any Free Software folks I know.

Every action they've taken is in line with their Halloween Document goals. They've embraced through acquisition, and they've put themselves in the line of information and fiscal flow through controlling Github and now this payment system.

The risk to our community by them taking it away is too great to ignore.

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Hey! #fediverse plumbers! How feasible would a peertube livestream be? Twitch style.

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Support us on Patreon

Feneashas now been around for approximately one year. During this time we have launched various servicesfor both members and non-members, with a dedicated volunteer admin team ensuring these services run as they should. Our infrastructureis currently funded entirely by membership funds.
Many members have expressed interest in Feneas running additionalpublicly available services. To do so, we're looking to expand our funding possibilities outside membership funds, and have thus launched our Patreon page.

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@cwebber @technomancy It took me a long time to figure out pulseaudio had two ways of muting sound, and I still don't know which one the hardware mute button is connected to.

I think people working on flatpak & wayland screen sharing and video extended their scope of work start replacing pulseaudio & jack.

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Virtual Reality user interfaces, an AI in you car, and the future of KDE Community's goals are just some of the things we'll be talking about at . The program for Akademy is available now!

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"An abstraction that exposes its implementation ain't no abstraction" -- Jay

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What measures a career 

Dreamt I had to sell the usefulness of handfuls of mostly finished projects not far removed from actual unfinished projects I worked on over the years. Most of which the usefulness was only to a situation at the time. Most of which are obsolete now or likely never finished.

On the flip side I ethically regret some of the code I wrote that I'm sure is probably still in use.

I've had a weird software graveyard of a career so far.

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