i heard Linux is the dominant operating system on mars

i finally got arch Linux installed the arch way .

last night i installed arch Linux the arch way after my third attempt i got it right.

just setup an aging laptop with mx Linux runs like a race horse.

I have been tinkering with pulse effects in manjaro trying to get the same audio quality i get in win 10 i am almost there and ready to completely ditch windows on everything but my gaming pc

just flashed my router with dd wrt firmware with success .

learning my way around the terminal in Slackware Linux today

i just installed Slackware Linux in vbox was not as hard as i thought it would be.

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We all know competition is healthy #EpicGames, but then let the game #MetroExodus be sold on both platforms. That's competition. Exclusivity is inherently non-competitive, its removal of opposition. If the #EpicGamesStore was better people would switch. This exclusivity is bringing the same issues the console war has, on to the PC platform, fragmenting the community. #Steam #Valve #Gamingonlinux


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