had a lowkey breakthrough that my grade school and attached parish were on their way to becoming a cult and it would be rn if the principal wasnt fired and the priests werent moved from the parish

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The Workers Party of leftist Brazilian presidential candidate Fernando Haddad urged electoral authorities to take s… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1053438396511571968

really singlehandedly made me not be as afraid of spiders w her you should see me in a crown shit

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I know I’ve asked for money before so I’ll keep this brief. I just lost my job. It seems like I’m not autistic enough to need even the slightest accommodations, but I am autistic enough to be the first on the chopping block whenever it’s layoff time

ko-fi.com/J3J3CUZE is my ko-fi, and in case anyone wants to give an amount less than or not a multiple of $3 I’ve also made a liberapay at liberapay.com/socalledunitedst. Anything at all is appreciated, even just boosts. I love you guys ✊💕

my friend whos rich bought me and my friend literally 100$ of takeout revolution cancelled

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self-care suggestion - news meta 

Sometimes self-care means ending habits that society views as healthy, like keeping up with the daily news. Almost none of the national news cycle is relevant to personal life, and punditry about it is candy that feeds anxiety.

#wtfjht (whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.c) is keeping me from the latter, but I want a news org that only reports the big stuff and only after a week+ has passed so the story has developed beyond the scoop.

Save my braintime for shit I can affect.

does anyone into or whatever have a good enrichment idea for a small dog living in a dorm? she is rarely engaged in her toys and i can only walk her so much so i wanna make sure shes getting everything she needs esp since i cant do the interactive food feeder things bc i cant make too much of a mess :pensive:

i just heard about how amazon is paying workers to defend them on twitter thats. so fucked up gd i knew shit was bad but thats some next level shit oh my god guillotine bezos

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introduction/lotsa tags 

hi i'm a new account so like. just fave this or something if u post the following?

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Ugh, getting very sick of killer robot "jokes" today. About how super super scary it is that we have robots that could possibly carry weapons.

We have literal millions and millions of humans who have been brainwashed to kill without remorse, and we have given them extremely lethal weapons, and sometimes massive trauma. Somehow this is fine, but robots are scary.

i'm New™️ and still figuring out how this all works, ironically while skipping my comp sci 203 class. rip whatever i was gonna learn about binary trees today.

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