Alright everyone, was nice knowing you. Someone please break me out of prison next week

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For professional use only... Alright everyone, I'm gonna need the top 10 hobbyist uses for AA batteries

3d printing is really something

Me: "hey, can you print this thing?"
Printer: "sure"
*proceeds to attempt to shake itself to pieces*

This video reminded me of when I was like 8-10 and abused a kiosk at a museum to check my email lol

Been thinking about switching from Fusion 360 to FreeCAD for a while and I'm seeing a lot of talk today. Should I make the switch today?

@deshipu I thought it was my extensions and now my browser choice causing it to not work this whole time. Is it really broken on mainstream unmodified browsers too?

:boosts_ok_gay: Transgender bigotry warning (please boost) :BoostOK: 

A fake company is entrapping transgender people into joining an anti-transgender documentary to dehumanize transgender people is possibly the doing of The #TheDailyWire’s Matt Walsh. If you are contacted by “The Gender Unity Project”, DO NOT ACCEPT!

#LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Transgender

Ever wonder what to do to help someone who's being harassed in public? I found this guide helpful.
The example is someone harassing a Muslim woman but it could apply to attacks on Black, Asian, LGBTQ people, women, and any other marginalized person.
Thanks to @itsmaeril for creating this guide.

@jlhertel they could save a step and go straight for the home/away data which is right next to the lock/unlock data

All of my YouTube comments and stream chat messages are in here too. Going to need to pull those from a different account of mine tomorrow, there's a stream chat message I've been meaning to track down for a few years now.

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There is a full list of every single time the front door was locked or unlocked, physically, with the pin, or with the app, all with timestamps.

Burn everything, never let anything in your house access the internet.

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Nothing notable at all. There's average play time per session for each game, not sure if that's something you can see on the site or not. Interestingly, claimed Stadia Pro games don't show up here. Maybe they do if you have an active subscription? Either way, that's data I know Google has that they didn't give me.

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Ah, I seem to have found the purchase history file. It shows that I had high hopes for Stadia.

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When they said download all your data I didn't think they meant a 14k line CSV file detailing my average speed on any given day

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In the Fit/Activities folder we find 1712 files detailing every time Google has recognized that I've been walking since 2018, including time, speed, distance, and location, recorded as a series of points. I could map out everywhere I've walked in the last four years. Surely Google already has.

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There's a bunch of raw_ files (rather than derived_) but they're all empty for some reason

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