Kinda a content creator now?? Video scheduled to go public tomorrow at 12pm PT/3pm ET

My video editing software just crashed so this is your daily reminder to save often

This morning my Lenovo smart clock decided to hang instead of letting me dismiss my alarm

Modern solutions require modern problems

Is anyone on the Fedi in need of a small art tablet? This is a Huion, I'm not sure of the model exactly. Its a couple years old but only used for a few months before it went into storage. The scratches are superficial and you can't feel them when you draw, the flash just makes it look terrible. Stylus requires one AAA battery. Pen pressure is okay, maybe medium sensitivity so I wouldn't recommend this if you want full tilt range if that sensitivity matters to you. This is a small tablet, not much bigger than my hand so about 7 or 8 inches at the longest point.

Not asking for any money. If you can chip in for shipping, great, if not, I can cover it. Continental USA only, sorry about that. :boost_ok:

i thought that this twitter post was already fairly amusing, but then i clicked to have the japanese translated and fucking lost it

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