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I was just alerted to an update trifecta - work laptop, personal laptop, and phone. Now I'm just waiting...

Anyone out there have a good recommendation for MySQL queue profiling?

Someone from Usenix viewed my profile on LinkedIn... 

Wait! That's still a thing!?

Best thing today to come out of all my video conferences was someone saying... 

OK Google play Baby Shark!

Anyone know of a good open source tool for sound detection? I'm basically looking for the audio equivalent of OpenCV.

Anyone here use the Yi home cameras? I'm looking for a stable alternative to the WyzeCams.

Just a bit annoyed when people mix up OS and hardware. Choose your download. Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi?

It's always a good sign when you're wrapping up the sign-off demo for your initial MVP release for a brand new service and most of the conversation was about expanding on what we just built. I'm going to need more developers.

I've been with my current employer for 4 months, and my team has grown from 4 to 13, and we're still hiring. So many projects...

I have been working on a new website, and I'm considering converting my images over to webp. Anyone run into any issues with this format?

I've setup a new website for my DIY mustache wax and beard balm recipes, and after just a few posts, I'm thinking that I need some sort of structured JSON or microformat for these things.

Picking up new domain names is always so much fun. The question is now: How long will they sit idle before I do anything with them?

I'm looking out at a GCP green field, and I'm wondering where to start. Lots of things to do...

Waking up to the wreckage left behind by the CenturyLink outage. Hoping that everything failed over correctly.

14 meetings tomorrow, and 8 are interviews. I'm hoping we can get through this hiring phase quickly.

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On the calendar for today, 11 meetings covering almost every hour of my workday. 6 of them are interviews for devops roles on my team.

I just saw the term GitOps. That just seems awfully specific.

It looks like Zoom is having a bad day with all of the back to school activities.

TIL that the iPlanet web server is still a thing, 

and that people still use it.

Of course I really haven't logged into those services lately because of work priorities.

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