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I'm curious how this TikTok ban/buyout is going to proceed. I have a personal Tencent account that I use on several services. I've even used WeChat for business because at times that's the only way to communicate with offices in China.

Anyone got a favorite APM tool? I'm already familiar with AppDynamics, DataDog, and NewRelic, but I'm wondering if there are any disruptors. Thoughts?

I'm bouncing around today. AWS, GCP, unrelated SPF records, backlog grooming...

My 14" monitor that I've been using for many years has finally gone out. I had a 22" TV around that I could use as a temp replacement. It has better resolution, but it's way to big. Time to find a replacement...

My team is growing. It's grown from 3 to 6, and we have 3 new roles in the works. I'm already scoping out my next round of roles. I'm looking for people with a devops background with experience in AI, ML, CV, AWS, GCP, Python, PHP, JavaScript and related frameworks. Know of anyone in the market that you would recommend?

I just spent some time running through some Qwiklabs for various GCP topics.

I'm spending a notable portion of my day doing phone interviews for open tech roles on my team.

Just tried to renew my auto registration online, and the NV DMV is handing out these... 

Win32Exception (0x80004005)
SqlException (0x80131904)
HttpException (0x80004005)

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I just noticed that I bought gas two weeks ago, and I still have nearly a full tank of gas.

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I had to run out to get the smog check on my car. Home to smog and back in 16 minutes.

Introducing story points to the team this week. We'll see how this goes...

New Monday, new sprint. Unfortunately too much rolled over because of unplanned activities last week.

I'm waiting for the sun to set so that I can attempt a short bike ride around the neighborhood. The temp is currently 111F so not being in the direct sun would be nice.

I'm starting my morning with a practice scrum master test.

I took the car out for a wash and refilled the tank. A tank of gas is lasting me quite a bit longer now that I'm not driving 300-500 miles per week for my old job.

And "This project isn't available. It may have been deleted" after clicking the project name from all projects is even worse.

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I love being a site admin in Jira and still not being able to see issues in classic projects. "No issues were found" even though I was just auto-emailed about an update with a link.

Hey, we need some help. Do you know where $itTech is? 

Sorry, I do not. And by the way l left $company over a month ago.

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