you don’t need to be a programmer to hate the daylight saving time change… 

@ashfurrow On a good note, it just happens silently in the middle of the night now. No more change requests to tinker with system clocks.

@AMSmith1972 Thanks for the league hint. I don't know how I missed that one.

Anyone know of any good font sites? I'm looking for something similar to those stylized_60s_connected fonts often used on car chrome.

I'm planning to launch two new web sites this weekend. I'm hoping to get one of them off my list today so that tomorrow I can say it's already in it's 2nd year.

@ashfurrow I have seen being used. Simple but quick way to see who is in which TZ.

Anyone else out there notice an increase in ssh scanning originating from DigitalOcean IP space?

@ashfurrow Thanks for that info. Looks like a pretty solid env.

@ashfurrow How much compute did you throw at this instance? I'm thinking of spinning one up, and I'm about the order of magnitude of what I might be getting into.

People are still debating on the NANOG ML what should and should not have happened during the last major Facebook outage based on the limited hints from FB.

I guess Telia was tired of Facebook getting all the attention this week...

I bought a domain several months ago just on a whim. Suddenly last night I figured out what I'm going to do with it. Here's to personal projects!

@ashfurrow Oh you're at the stage where you're attempting to exceed volume limits for boxes. This WILL close if I apply enough pressure while adding multiple layers of tape!

I just noticed a new user-agent string called ThinkChaos out of Tencent IP space that is hitting some of my personal sites. No idea on intent, but it did take the usual path of scanners. Any ideas what this is?

@brion For some odd reason, I first read that as "star trek cheese" "plate" instead of "star trek" "cheese plate".

I have been using WordPress for quite a while for my personal sites and projects. I recently built a site using Grav, and I'm quite happy with it. I think I might even start migrating some of my sites over.

What are people out there using for 2FA apps? I think that I've outgrown Google Authenticator. I'm looking for something that let's me group apps together, possibly by persona. Thoughts?

I'm about to start on another personal dev project. I'm looking at creating a simple API for a few endpoints. Any Flask alternatives that I should look at before I start writing code?

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