I guess Telia was tired of Facebook getting all the attention this week...

I think my first attempt at a mask came out OK. I'm on to the hard part which is decorating it.

I took the car out for a wash and refilled the tank. A tank of gas is lasting me quite a bit longer now that I'm not driving 300-500 miles per week for my old job.

Batch #3 (well 3u1) is now in the tins. I'm hoping this one stands up to the Las Vegas heat a bit better.

I just finished my first batch of mustache wax. It's pretty decent for a first attempt, but I'm going to tinker with the recipe a bit.

What's the difference between 12 months and 1 year? 

Apparently USD $9.95.

Languages that I speak? 

Umm today? No, yesterday.

First grass cut of the season... 

Still a bit cool for the bermuda.

I sacrificed a tech conference t-shirt to clean my docs work boots. Not bad for 6 months service. Although I do think I need to add some hi-vis laces.

I just completed my annual task of replacing a car battery. We managed to get almost 4 years out of this one in the Las Vegas heat. Hopefully this is my only car battery for the year.

The one time that Google does not give me "none of the above" as a survey choice...

I saw these at Costco yesterday. They should really be branded as Schrodinger's Mushrooms.

I've been to Fry's just a few times in the last few months. No computers, but they do have plenty of BNC connectors and as-seen-on-tv wares.

This is the Las Vegas weather forecast for the week.That 10km/h breeze feels just like a high heat/low fan hair dryer blowing in your face.

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