Anyone out there riding an ebike? I'd like to get some 1st hand opinions on various models. I'm looking for something that I can take offroad since I do a fair amount of open desert riding.

@stickman no first hand experience of e-bikes, sorry. Have seen a lot of promo of this one doing the rounds recently.

@stickman I think GCN and GMBN on YouTube have some suggestions. I would tend to steer away from the electric mopeds in favor of electric pedal assist if you want to use power and be bike lane legal.

@stickman i know that @effeerre owns one but we don't have desert here so i don't know if he could help you 😅

I can only comment in the model I ride. It is a 2017 Conway EMR 329. It's a eMTB hardtail with Bosch CX and 29" wheels. Riding it since more than 10.000 km, I can say, it is exactly what I need and want. I live in a rural area and use the eMTB for my daily trips to work (8 km one way). I mainly use field and gravel roads, hardly any asphalt roads. Also in my spare time I am mostly in such areas in the way, whereby I ride occasionally some trails. It fits exactly

I need to add that the Bosch CX motor was exchanged after 9.794 km (2 years + 1 month) because of a bearing failure. Fortunately and gratefully Bosch/Conway have made this exchange free of charge.

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