Toying with the idea starting a podcast, but then again I've heard my own voice...

Languages that I speak? 

Anyone know of any good virtual conferences? Looking for something with a cloud or devops focus.

For those that did not have an established corporate video conferencing solution, what is everyone implementing? I've seen a lot of Jitsi and Zoom mentions. Any major hurdles?

I just finished up the last episode of The Prisoner, and I completely understand why Patrick McGoohan went into hiding.

First grass cut of the season... 

Are business continuity plans being activated at your work place? Or are they just adding some WFH flexibility?

Heard at work... 

Anyone out there work at a company that uses a cloud-based phone service? I need a service that supports IP phones, call bridging, conferencing, etc. for approx 75 lines. Have any recommendations?

I sacrificed a tech conference t-shirt to clean my docs work boots. Not bad for 6 months service. Although I do think I need to add some hi-vis laces.

The great thing about punk songs is that you don't have to sing in key to get it right.

I just ordered a bunch of compnay phones. Quite a few of them started receiving spam right after the initial power up.

Has anyone used one of the Dell rugged laptops instead of a ToughBook? I'm wondering how they compare. I would be deploying them to an auto maintenance shop.

I'm going to try NxFilter in a small test this week.

Job quirks... 

I just completed my annual task of replacing a car battery. We managed to get almost 4 years out of this one in the Las Vegas heat. Hopefully this is my only car battery for the year.

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