The one time that Google does not give me "none of the above" as a survey choice...

Some people don't want to talk about their distro choice.

Prediction: On my way home from CA tonight, I will be passed by a super fast Mercedes (probably a G wagon).

If you leave Las Vegas for CA, you might not be able yo get back for a while. I15 northbound still closed just south of the CA-NV line.

TFW when you need to make an update on your server monitoring and you think "Nethack? Netflix? Netdata? Yeah, that's the one."

This is pretty interesting, but it would be much cooler for a company to build a reasonably priced emoto that has decent range without a huge price tag. 200mph is great, but most people don't need that. Help us out a bit on the insurance.

I would try out for this; however, I think my ability to deploy automated infrastructure as code would be lost on the judges.

The last time that I took over a conference room, I renamed it to The Funderdome.

Just started the first episode of Dracula on Netflix...

Sadly there are still vendors out there that like to give out paper calendars for the new year. #2020

I saw these at Costco yesterday. They should really be branded as Schrodinger's Mushrooms.

I just added a Pi4 to my collection. Has anyone tried any OS other than Raspbian? I don't have any projects lined up so I don't have any real requirements. Just looking for stability.

I managed to get to the top of the Cajon Pass before they closed it. I wish that I had not left my dashcam at home. The interstate was down to a single lane, and people were still trying to pass at 70+ mph.

I've been to Fry's just a few times in the last few months. No computers, but they do have plenty of BNC connectors and as-seen-on-tv wares.

I'm looking for an open source LMS. Anyone have any experience with any of these?

Can anyone recommend a vendor in CA for an access control system? I need badge readers, structured cabling, etc.

I'm considering bumping up my desktop to Ubuntu 19.10 this weekend. It's an older machine so I usually run into a few minor issues.

Anyone out there using an OSS PKI or CA solution? Everything that I find just looks out of date.

Anyone in a devops environment have recommendations for open source alerting and escalation? I'm looking for an alternative to PagerDuty or OpsGenie.

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