I'm finishing up my first full week of working from home for my new gig. I've discovered that I'm paying more attention to the ergonomics of things now that I have full control.

I'm transitioning over to a home office for work. Now that I have full control over the environment, I'm discovering that there a myriad of ergonomic matters to consider.

It's 113F (45C), and I'm outside taking a coffee break in a long sleeve shirt. I love Vegas weather.

I'm working remotely today so that my team is comfortable going to my 2nd. I've delegated out my approvals for the whole day.

I've been helping out our security team at work lately. One of my coworkers referred to me as the "acting CISO". It completely caught me off guard.

Microsoft grumble grumble patches grumble WTF grumble grumble corrupted

I just saw Tripwire included in a LinkedIn article supposedly listing 10 of the hottest devops startups. How did that happen?

During monsoon season, every little rumble makes me cautious of a pending downpour.

I just failed the cryptsetup boot password on my laptop 4 times in a row. Stuck key? CAPS LOCK? Corrupt disk? Show more

I just received an email from a headhunter looking for referrals for $item.jobFunctionTitle. I'm half way tempted to reply back with $referral.jobFunctionTitle can be reached at $referral.contactEmail.

Has anyone out there bought domains in the .club TLD? I'm interested in which registrar you used.

The high today is near 108F (42C). Time to get the oven mitts out so I can drive. ;-)

If you live in Las Vegas long enough, eventually your work will take you to a casino no matter what your occupation is.

Any certified scrum masters out there? Which org did you go through?

I've just spent the last 4 hours documenting a change management process. I was able to get about half way through it. My challenge is trying to make it inclusive for all the business units, without making it overly burdensome.

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