I'm taking a few minutes to re-explore Jamendo. Hopefully I can find a few new indie bands to add to my music collection.

My favorite IT auditors are the ones that say "We must have screenshots because text files can be edited".

Anyone out there using Tox? I've been cleaning up old social media references on my sites, and this looks like something worth trying out.

I think that I'm going to read this tonight just to see what all the noise is about.

This is the Las Vegas weather forecast for the week.That 10km/h breeze feels just like a high heat/low fan hair dryer blowing in your face.

My evil plan to create a second Mastodon account is in motion. I created @stegosaurus to publish some smaller steganography samples on a more frequent basis.

The IT Director at my former employer gave me this. I think he was trying to pick a fight. 😀

I've seen a lot of cool and not-so-cool stuff happen in an agile shop. The coolest was watching my team take ownership of writing their own user stories and self-grooming them into anticipated future sprints before the actual planning session. The least cool was being invited to a daily 1 hour "scrum" with 44 other people.

I forgot that I had an ello account that I created when the site first launched. I logged in yesterday to discover that it was being followed by a few questionable accounts even though I have not posted. They have revamped the into an art community. I'm not much of an artist, but I my push some of my stego images in that direction.

I took this while out for a walk in Boulder City. Now I know that the area is safe from Lord Zedd.

The Fry's ad for this week gives me hope that there are musical instruments that I can play.

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Il s'avère que c'est un nid de guêpe maçonne qui paralyse des araignées et les amène dans le nid pour nourrir les larves
Merci @VoronoV

I've been doing some experiments with adding an unobtrusive image ID to the images that I post so that I can identify them a bit quicker. So many sites are stripping the EXIF data from images so I can't rely on that. Thoughts?

BTW, I took this pic when my former employer sent me to Lima, Peru. I was glad that they chartered a bus to get to the office.

I realize that most everyone is further along than me, but here goes... Happy Monday everyone.

Yes, I'm tempting the fates. The flash flood warning has ended so I'm taking the car through a car wash.

Even though I haven't been on a proper bike ride in a while, I did get a chance to ride a few Rad ebikes around Lorenzi Park. The temp was only 99F (37C) so I stuck around to try several of them out. They seem like decent bikes for the price. This is one of the mini folders that they sell. I'm actually interested in the Rover.

I'm just going to leave this here for those that need it.

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