People are still debating on the NANOG ML what should and should not have happened during the last major Facebook outage based on the limited hints from FB.

I guess Telia was tired of Facebook getting all the attention this week...

I bought a domain several months ago just on a whim. Suddenly last night I figured out what I'm going to do with it. Here's to personal projects!

I just noticed a new user-agent string called ThinkChaos out of Tencent IP space that is hitting some of my personal sites. No idea on intent, but it did take the usual path of scanners. Any ideas what this is?

I have been using WordPress for quite a while for my personal sites and projects. I recently built a site using Grav, and I'm quite happy with it. I think I might even start migrating some of my sites over.

What are people out there using for 2FA apps? I think that I've outgrown Google Authenticator. I'm looking for something that let's me group apps together, possibly by persona. Thoughts?

I'm about to start on another personal dev project. I'm looking at creating a simple API for a few endpoints. Any Flask alternatives that I should look at before I start writing code?

Uggg my tensorflow download for my upgrade is so slow. I'm glad I started it now since I wanted to tinker with the new version tonight.

I've been using MacBook Pro as my daily work device since starting my new role. My fingers are still figure out the CTRL/CMD thing when toggling between work and home modes.

Today has been a rough day for anyone that uses auth0 for authentication to their services.

It seems that VMware isn't making it easy to find the latest SaltStack info.

I think my first attempt at a mask came out OK. I'm on to the hard part which is decorating it.

For those that have recently made a voluntary career change, is there anything that you would have asked before you made the leap?

I was just alerted to an update trifecta - work laptop, personal laptop, and phone. Now I'm just waiting...

Anyone out there have a good recommendation for MySQL queue profiling?

Someone from Usenix viewed my profile on LinkedIn... 

Wait! That's still a thing!?

Best thing today to come out of all my video conferences was someone saying... 

OK Google play Baby Shark!

Anyone know of a good open source tool for sound detection? I'm basically looking for the audio equivalent of OpenCV.

Anyone here use the Yi home cameras? I'm looking for a stable alternative to the WyzeCams.

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