Trying to edit an 8 fps video, and every editor I've tried wants to export it back out as 30fps. :(

Any recommendations for a flat file CMS? Info overload. grav looks interesting though.

My weekend coding project that I just started... 

I really like that you can grab a ML or CF domain for free. They just seem ideal for email and config type uses.

Ahh the joys of discovering that you're double muted in a conf call when someone calls your name.

What's the difference between 12 months and 1 year? 

Anyone know of a good lightning strike app for Android?

Has anyone here taken any of the LinkedIn skill assessments? I went through a few of them on a whim. I'm locked out of one quiz because my internet dropped, and the quiz timed out. Mixed results on the others that I took.

Ok so I've also managed to stitch in some motion detection using a Pi camera. Again, not really extremely useful, but I'm learning the hardware.

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Our scheduled power maintenance was interrupted by... 

I was hoping to either join or start a taijiquan practice group this spring. Current events have put a damper on that.

I've been tinkering with my RPi4 quite a bit lately. I'm still running the default Raspbian install since I have not found another install image that I like. I managed to stitch together some tools to turn on the lights when my mobile is nearby. Not really useful for me, but a satisfying tinker none the less.

I'm trying another WFH day. My last attempt at this ended up with me going to work after an hour and then working late.

Toying with the idea starting a podcast, but then again I've heard my own voice...

Languages that I speak? 

Anyone know of any good virtual conferences? Looking for something with a cloud or devops focus.

For those that did not have an established corporate video conferencing solution, what is everyone implementing? I've seen a lot of Jitsi and Zoom mentions. Any major hurdles?

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