I threw my upper back out… gaming. Sigh. Ok I was also coding for 8 hours before that. My vision is leading to bad ergonomics when I sit at the desk (hence most of my time in the Ekorness)

Finally, Launch Day! 🚀 The day I can share my latest project with you all!

"Music MiniPlayer" for macOS + Apple Music.

It’s just like my last project, "Music Widget" but with an OG iTunes MiniPlayer interface. 🧵

Download is now live:

The shrink next door makes me so damned uncomfortable. We can only watch one episode a month.

We timed our AMC+ free trial to binge the first half of season 6 of better call Saul. After tomorrow’s mid-season finale, we can cancel and resume once the second half is available.

The shelving we shelved for a year is now shelves at last

Still sleeping poorly but realized that my latest APAP mask has adjustable straps and they slide fairly easily. Maybe a nap to test out an adjustment is warranted 😎

Absolutely convinced that every story on The Love Boat was written by cocaine.

I wonder how much of my Siri issues are Eero / private network related?

One reason I cannot remember plots of recent movies I have watched is because I am posting on social media at the same time.

I have three weeks sabbatical to recover from the ‘Rona and also figure out why iOS insists on capitalizing my last name.

Every family should have a house, food, healthcare, clothing and a bidet.

Attention Frenzic: Overtime fans! Chapter 2 is now out and circulating through the Apple Arcade App Store! Yay! Go play more levels! apple.co/-FrenzicOvertime

I have so many issues with Picard S2 and I don’t consider myself a Trek aficionado.

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